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  1. Jesus Christ on a stick, I can't believe that Transgender Cannon was deleted, wth. I'm not into the nickname thing, but strictly because Transgender Cannon was deleted, I'm all for Transgender Cannon. Transgender Cannon, Transgender Cannon, Transgender Cannon.
  2. It's not some sort of Schaudenfraude if he gets busted in a hooker hotel/gay bar. Are you his Mom who didn't abort him or something.
  3. Yep, one and the same.. The best was when vro1 said, "Fck you." That's it. One of the best posts ever.
  4. Do you remember Otrebor1? I think you registered on the tail end of that. Holy Hell. "YOU RACIST! This place is full of racists! FCK YOU, YOU RACIST!" You know that Phil was the biggest race-baiter ever born, but he surprisingly fell asleep at the wheel. How that all began to go down is that I call Sanchez The Chimp (major coinage credit) which was actually a term of endearment (armchair primatologist). I got so fed up with that guy's nonsense that I said, "Alright, I'm done engaging this. How does Mark Sanchez get into the Jets practice facility? He climbs over the fence." He never came back, haha. Speaking of Phil and to Phil's credit he has really mellowed out. I used to beat the sh it out of him. I'm telling you, he could find something racist about house plants. He should buy some Wandering Jews, lol.
  5. Too much information. Can somebody just please catch a goddamn pass and get wheelchair assistance into the endzone. I'll take it. Thanks
  6. It totally is. You may have been AWOL during the demented freaks invasion here and elsewhere.
  7. Where did I ever say that he's a bad guy? Thin skinned, OK. He has a beyond weird cult following. The only difference between him and Charles Manson is that Tim Tebow never killed anyone. OK, I can't wait for the hailstorm from the Tebots that I actually had the nerve to compare Charles Manson to Tim Tebow, haha. Maybe you missed it, but the Jets got completely vilified for wrecking him.
  8. I didn't know that Area 51 moved to NJ.
  9. There used to be a website called yourteamcheats. It's dead now because they couldn't keep up. I am not making this up.
  10. Being labeled a racist is worse than being labeled a pedophile, even if both are guilty. The physical act of molesting is less punishable than words these days, as far as career suicide goes. I remember years back when you were still johnnygreenballs that you said your employer was running Facebook profiles and that you were shocked and amazed what people would put online about themselves. It's also bone-chilling and a pre-emptive strike in a manner of speaking at the same time. A friend of mine that I haven't seen for 16 years sent me an e-mail. She said I hope this is still you, I've been trying to find you everywhere online, I checked every social media outlet there is. Good luck with that. Zero footprint.
  11. I don't hate Bruschi at all. It's just that denial is a river in Egypt. I'm fairly sure he never directly "witnessed" anything, but c'mon, haha
  12. It's a slippery slope. I openly admit that I tend to reduce off-field (athlete) toolbaggery and things that would get us all fired in the realm of a regular job to things that would get us all fired in the realm of a regular job. I hope that makes sense. I'm not even talking about showing up on time for work. If you slap your kids around or beat your dog I would not feel particularly comfortable working with someone like that if it was a known entity but they never even got a desk citation.
  13. I totally agree with repeat offender and also the vacuum sentiment. As a relative juxtaposition about Burfict, Roethlisrapist was initially suspended 6 games under the conduct policy (although not convicted in a Court of Law). Then it was reduced to a 4 game suspension because he didn't rape anyone over the Summer before the season started . . . I guess . . . ? It really is all over the place. The Josh Brown thing, Ray Rice, Adrian Pederson; but then the NFL came out with their absolutely ridiculous pandering NO MORE campaign to make it look like they give two shi ts about domestic violence.
  14. Haha, not sure if you filched that from me from back in the day. I still have it tacked to my Studio wall. The NY Post ran that the whole season.
  15. Anyone remember when Doug Flutie hung up in Dan LeBatard's face over headset signals? I do. Flutie sort of blabbed off the cuff and then realized his mistake.
  16. So here's another thing that scratches me where I itch about Cheats fans and the whole kerfuffle that was Spygate. "Mangini the rat." How does that make the Cheats not guilty as charged? And it gets funnier. Mangini was previously under Belichick's tutelage and that's why he recognized what it was. I saw Mangini in a clip some years ago saying that he regretted ever saying anything, then he never intended things to go as far as they did, it wasn't a huge deal, and that he just wanted it to die. Damage control.
  17. Haha. I don't do apps on top of it. Mildly on point (is there one?), my boss is Korean-American and he's hilariously dry. The way he handles spam calls is sheer brilliance. "I don't want to reduce my debt. I want more debt. Can you please help me with this. More debt, not less." "Can I speak to your mother. I want to speak to your mother. Is she there." "What's your address, I want to drive to your house. Can I come over." "Police Department. You're under arrest for obstruction of justice." "Don't do this." "What's my mother's name. You first. Her whole name, including her maiden name and social security number. What's her date of birth. Is she married. I need a date. Is she home now." "I like men." "Meow, I'm a cat. Meow is Korean for Meow." It doesn't translate because obviously you don't know him, but it's so deadpan I shriek every single time. Most times he'll put the phone on speaker just for me and it's total shock and awe. When they disconnect him is usually when we start laughing like hell, but sometimes we can't hold it in, hahaha.
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