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  1. IMO there are never enough. Several years ago someone said to me that calling the Patriots cheaters, the whole thing was getting old, they were done with it, sick of it, blah blah blah OLD. I almost spit out my water. It will never get old. Death, Taxes, and the Cheats, baby.
  2. Well, I did call him a lying sack of shi t and I did call the Cheats cheating scumbags, so yes, to answer your question, I did in very ladylike fashion use the word scumbag.
  3. @T0mShane: the topic that you started about the Cheats cheating got closed when I was in the middle of posting. So here's what I said (no politics): Everybody knows the tapes were destroyed because there was nothing to see there. This article is one of my favorites, even though I'm not a huge fan of ESPN: https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/13533995/split-nfl-new-england-patriots-apart I probably said it a gazillion times over the course of the last several years, but Belichick is a lying sack of shi t. Constipated Bill knows every single rule better than any official both living and dead. That's really all anyone needs to know. One of these days - and I'm very confident that day is coming - someone who no longer has anything to lose will come forward in undisputable fashion. I don't give a rat's ass if it's all about the money and a book deal. "Gold digger!" Yeah, well, that doesn't always equate with everything being a pack of lies no matter how shameless the move. I've also said this many times before: it would not surprise me if there are non-disclosure agreements all the way down to the ball boy with the Cheats. What that organization really needs is a mole, and hopefully there is one just lying in wait to cash in. I remember when Tedy Bruschi totally flipped out on the air about how sick he was about the Cheats cheating allegations. I wish I could find the video, but with him having a stroke history, I was actually getting mildly uncomfortable (no sarcasm). I'm talking the spittle was flying out of his mouth, he was red in the face, he was yelling and shoving papers around level type freak out. What I took from that was the lady doth protest too much, methinks. "I never saw anything! We all worked hard!" All it did was solidify what I already thought. This was back in 2012 after John Harbaugh called the Cheats cheating scumbags and said that their championships are stained and tainted and full of asterisks. I was so disappointed that he turned tail and walked it back. What a shame. I also lost all respect I ever had for Bob Costas years prior when he had Bill Belichick on the hot seat for an exclusive interview after Spygate and totally softballed him. My mouth fell open. It was right there. Another coward. Which brings us to "everybody does it". Well, then 'Nobody Does it Better' as Carly Simon would say. And here's the parting salvo on the whole Ponzi dance: Cheats fans despise Roger Goodell. That really scratches me where I itch. Goodell warned Belichick on league stationary in writing to cease and desist before Spygate. Belichick continued to cheat, completely undeterred through his arrogance. "We both know that you're not going to do anything to me." Goodell didn't have a choice, but where he totally pussed was not suspending Belichick for at least 4 games. Destroying the tapes was quid pro quo, which is why Goodell went on the warpath about Deflategate. "You spit in my face, Bill." Too little too late you gutless POS. So, uh-huh, I find it hilarious that Cheats fans can't stand Roger Goodell when they should be sending him thank you cards for the rest of their natural lives. You got gifted, you morons.
  4. I never heard of CROE before. Maybe CROE and YAC should go out on a date, what do you think. Anyway, I think he's 32 or something now? Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but I can't see Julio Jones being a fit here unless the Jets were THAT GOOD, NOW, TODAY, so just plug & play. I like Jones as a player, don't get me wrong; but it's kind of like when people were entertaining Russell Wilson coming here. I wasn't entertained by that notion, either. I know you were just throwing it out there, but I agree: whatev.
  5. I have nice teeth and nice eyes, but I'm not sure why they had to fck up my look with this horrible excuse of a jersey. I look very confused. I'm also wearing green pants in the OP. Please burn, my conscience demands it. Thanks, and Go Jets!
  6. Shelly Silver is in prison. Oh, The Other Sheldon. Funny story about that name. One of my biological Uncle's first name is Sheldon, which is kind of odd, because he comes from an Italian family. His parents just liked the name. He doesn't. His middle name is Michael, which is what he always went with. Professionally he goes by S. Michael Bell (shortened from Bellissimo by his Dad when he became a citizen here). I call him Uncle Smichael. Sometimes I change it up and call him Shelly Bell, but it's almost always Uncle Smichael. He doesn't play football, though. Oh, well, can't win 'em all.
  7. This will always be the best fckn thing ever. As in ever. Anyone who disagrees will have to fight me. I might have to plant some skeleton teeth first, but I mean it.
  8. I'm thinking that was Blackrock Forest. There's a protected den that's on the down low (I won't say where it is), but I wear snake boots for a reason. Not trying to be a pain in the ass here, but why anyone would antagonize wildlife in the first place is always beyond me. You get what you deserve if it goes south, and then the animal pays for being an animal. I know what to look for and I watch it. I have a rattlesnake bite kit in my glove compartment (they're cheap, $10 bucks), but I rarely take it with me because of said snake boots. It's tough not to panic if you get bitten, and that's how the venom spreads, through your heart beating like a bitch. Most times it's not deadly, but it can be for a variety of reasons if you're alone in the middle of the woods. As to the green, camouflage is camouflage for a reason. Don't fck with snakes or anything else. Thanks, and sorry about your brother.
  9. Leave before you get there. What, somebody had to say it.
  10. Look at you writing sensical words and stringing them together. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  11. Haha, I live for posts like this. Don't ever change, Matthew Modine. A kiss with a fist, xo. -jeto
  12. Hahaha, keep your seatbelt on. I'm waiting for a 'Flaming Fa ggot Trumpets Like An Elephant No The Angel Moroni Out of His Ass Terrible Loss Multiple Casualties' type moment. I only half hope he behaves;, but the bottom line is, people get way too balled up about things, and the people who get way too balled up about things usually sh it marble on top of masterpieces. You don't have to be a fckn genius to recognize true hatred when you see it. I have buried people alive in my time, believe it. Some social justice turd on here once tried to "educate" me about Asian Americans after I made a joke about China Town, who I can goddamn guarantee you is a white guy. I brought up Simon Tam, who's a personal hero of mine. I can also goddamn guarantee you that he never looked up his Supreme Court case, which I followed like a hawk from start to finish. I was gonna say, "Confucius say you're an assh ole", but I didn't. I was too tired.
  13. He used to talk about the draft in late October sometimes. I was all yo, the season is over by Yom Kippur, hello, keep up.
  14. God Save the Queen, we mean it, man. Oops, sorry, I thought hertz kicked the pail when I was gone for 10 minutes.
  15. I know, references are all relative; but in that vein, I can't stand when people say things like "Social Media Influencer". That's actually a fcking job, and as much as I would die for this country without blinking, I hate that garbage by default. I'm inundated with morons that I don't have a CHOICE to somehow ignore because I stand on the supermarket check-out line to buy food that I'm lucky by random chaos and grateful to have. I'm the last living fossil in the world who didn't "disconnect" from anything because I never joined anything like that and I never will. Jets message boards are social media sure; but I've never signed up for anything other than that, which probably only speaks to my longevity for being a dyed in the wool idiot. I saw the spy writing on the wall a long time ago. I'm the last American rebel.
  16. One of the great and not so great remnants of surviving a coma that I should never have survived is that I have a long term memory like a camera. When people say things like, "I never said that", the fck ya didn't. Anyway . . . https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/157158-lupica-says-jets-giants/?do=findComment&comment=4789410 That, and 'Incredible Leaping Fck" were my all-time favorites. It was an obscure draft prospect.
  17. I downvoted that because it was so there and just for laughs, hahaha. I can't believe no-one else beat me to it.
  18. It's a hertzism, like Marigold and D'Brickash it for example @jago . He has zero filters as a heads up. Max knows of him from back in the day, probably from usenet. We both also use highly obscure references that not many people would get.
  19. Hahahaha, you are wildly wrong. He's an old-timer and a die-hard who lives and breathes the Jets. Hertz and his cousin once snuck into the Jets film room in the early 70s. He ate bad Chinese food beforehand and got the sh its. You can't fake that kind of dedication, lol.
  20. I saw Zacherle and then I said, "Oh, Henry!" <== I think that's a yiddish chocolate bar (?). Don't anyone be giving hertz any guff if you can help it. He has brain damage like me @T0mShane; who doesn't have brain damage . . . as far as I know. Watch your Ps and Qs, btw. I'm already crapping pineapples.
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