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  1. Which means maybe 20 people will be at The New Dump and 19 of them will leave in the 3rd Q to try to beat traffic. If anyone is having a low-key tailgate or 3, PM and maybe I'll drop in.
  2. His only claim to fame was burning the Jets for 99 yards as a Bronco and later having the media pity him and blame the Jets for ruining his career. The Horse Lisperer was a one trick pony.
  3. Who's The Forgotten Man? I don't know, I forgot! Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
  4. Ooof, this is post-surgery. I thought to still pass a far less invasive procedure: https://advancedorthosports.com/blog/regeneten-implant-for-rotator-cuff-tears/ I'm not shilling for any surgicenter or Dr., just so you know that. I'm just in a pinch and can't pull up the clinical information at the moment. Happy Healing, and good luck.
  5. I couldn't read it, either. It was just one straight line of text after the title that went on for 90 years. I bailed. So fill me in, is the guy's name really Notable Wide Receiver? Thanks.
  6. Praying Mantis are beyond cool. Here's a photo of mine (not a photo of my Praying Mantis, I don't have one of those):
  7. We're talking about different things. Poisoning rats, vermin, and pigeons in NYC poisoned the food source of Birds of Prey. In other words, they'd eat rat poisoned rats and die from rat poisoning. DDT was a pesticide for crops that affected everything. Golden Eagles are beyond rare in NY. You're probably sighting an immature Bald. I have one in my backyard that is killing it out there (pun intended). I'm sure it's a female because she's slightly bigger than a juvenile and she just started to lose color. She's slammimg frogs on the regular. I'm waiting for the Osprey. Watching those things dive is amazing. Anyway, welcome Bird of Prey enthusiast!
  8. The best thing about that skit is that only very rarely could she or anyone else ever hold it together. That's what made it so funny IMO, like when Harvey Korman used to lose it on 'The Carol Burnett Show', which was all the time, haha.
  9. No, this wasn't purposeful at all, not one bit. LMFAO.
  10. Marcus may . . . Marcus Maye . . . Marcus Maye may not . . . Marcus, wait, what? Very fishy, my head is swimming, I have a haddock. : /
  11. Translation: it's movie night in the bitonti household. "Hey, kids want some popcorn? The movie is about to start!" I thought I was bad, haha.
  12. Week 3, how about by July. The groupies will scream and chase him like the Beatles and throw their underwear like it's Tom Jones.
  13. Damn it, you beat me. Always a bridesmaid never a bride. : /
  14. Thugturds vs thugturds, who's down. If both teams aren't wearing their hats sideways with their pants dragging on the ground and their buttcracks showing and no shoelaces on their cleats, I'm leaving. How ya been?
  15. Neither. They were friends, and Gase spoke highly of Douglas for the GM position is my recollection. Not the most comfortable position in the world to be in, I think Joe Douglas just sat back and let Gase finish himself off as opposed to having to actively fire him directly. The Johnsons technically fired him, which I think was a good locker room move . . . for once. It also fits in with the composite picture of how Douglas operates. It wasn't a snake in the grass move, he just let nature do the job on him; but it made the Johnsons look like they were doing something authoritative while at the same time not stabbing Gase in the back. A+ for execution. Heh.
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