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  1. Ricky has looked good in TC and Chad is a better QB than anything else they have right now but the Dolphins are still a few years away from rebuilding. Drafting Ted Ginn JR. over Brady Quinn and Patrick Willis is the kind of move that kills a team for years to come.

  2. Congrats on the beat down of Australia.

    For a nation of a little over 20 million people Australia holds it own when it comes to the Olympics.

    In basketball? We suck. When your best player is Andrew Bogut you have issue!

    Seriously though I want the USA to crush everyone and take the gold although It sucks that Kobe will get a medal.

    Australia has had the best game of any USA opponent so far. That Australian PG blew by Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

    I want USA to win the gold b/c they deserve it and have the best players in world by far - even if that includes kobe.

  3. the pass rush will definitely come from mostly the LB's (pace, thomas, etc.) but what worries me a little is that the LB's for the most part can only generate as much pass rush as the D-Line allows them to. Again, Jenkins doesnt worry me too much but can ellis and coleman put enough pressure on the O-Line to free up some space for the LBs to rush. Overall though the run defense is what worries me the most in terms of the DE's.

    Ellis and Coleman are the two weak links in the front 7. Ellis especially.

    Teams are still going to be able to run on us this year. That worries me.

  4. yes, i have seen quite a bit of an improvement since his rookie year. he was having a good camp last year and then he got injured early in the season.

    Either way, i never said he should be starting or not, you said he should be cut, and i'm sorry but that is idiotic. carroll has had his chance in multiple locales and has never done anything. miller has at least shown upside, imo, and has made the probowl as a returner.

    Carroll on the other hand was arrested for having extasy and illegal weapons at the same time, oh and he commits penalties like crazy. yay

    im not rooting against the guy, i try not to do those types of things. but why are you so against miller? If anything be mad at the front office for not bringing another corner in, if you in fact think its so bare in that cupboard.

    The FO did bring in another guy - Dwight Lowery - and he's probably a better CB.

  5. Neither Miller nor Carroll should start. The starting CB should be either Dwight Lowery or Hank Poteat.

    Mangini has made mistakes like this before, thinking he can remake a player into something he's not. For 2 years he thought Dewayne Robertson was a legit starting Nose Tackle and Jonathan Vilma could play ILB and last year he thought Adrian Clarke could play Left Guard.

    In 3+ years Miller has not shown the ability to play Corner. A good kick returner yes, but like the Demond Howards of the world that should be his only gig. He did not look good at all versus the Browns in the first preseason game. Maybe he can hold his own week 1 versus whatever scrub lines up against him in Miami but week 2 if Brady's healthy Wes Walker is going to destroy this guy.

  6. A confirmed source has stated that Tom met with Brett and his wife after Saturday's game to discuss Scientology with them! I truly hope that they're way to smart for that. I think they are. The last thing we want is Brett getting messed up from Scientology before the season starts. Let's pray for the best.

    Oh God no. Last thing we need is wack job Tom Cruise trying to convert our star QB to his stupid cult.

  7. The story with Yanks bats has been the same for the past 4-5 years.

    Beat up on the lesser pitchers and do nothing against the studs. It doesn't matter if it Verlander, Sabathia, Carmona, Beckett whoever. They are the bullies who when you punch them in mouth just go away quietly.

    The time has come for Cashman to get rid of guys like Giambi, Damon, Matsui, Abreu. You are not going to move Jeter. He won't move A-Rod or Posada. Cano should get another year to see if he takes his game to that level that we all think he should be at.

    You can't sit and gripe about the injuries. They lose Matsui the bring in Nady. They lose Posada, they bring in Pudge. They tried Sexson but he is a lost cause.

    The Yanks need to go out and find some hitters that won't wilt against a 95 mph fastball.

    This group, for whatever reason has not meshed well. It is time to go out and reshape this team. Shut down Joba and Wang for the rest of the year. Let Hughes audition is September and in the off season make the changes that need to be made.

    Bottom line is this lineup has done very little against the big pitcher in the big spot 4 straight years now. It HAS to be changed.

    The problem is they can't even hit the scrub pitchers now.

    The pitching has been remarkably resilient even with the losses of Wang, Joba and Hughes and Kennedy being a disaster. Darrell Rasner pitched another f'n gem last night and got no run support. If Rasner got any run support he'd probably have 10-11 wins by now. He has proven himself to be a very capable 5th starter this year.

    The Yankees need to move A-Rod to the 3 spot and bring in a clutch power-hitter (Manny or Mark Texiera) to bat clean-up. Arod's BA this season with runners in scoring position is terrible (I'm pretty sure it's below .250) the man cannot continue to hit at the 4 spot next season. Use his BA and on base percentage to get more RBI chances for Texiera or Manny.

    Giambi is also having a sub-par season. He has to go.

    The Yankees have $80 mil coming off the books so they'll have a ton of money to spend in free agency. Buy Sabathia, Texiera or Manny, resign Mussina AND Pettite.

    Next year's team:

    1: Damon (LF)

    2: Jeter (2B)

    3: Arod (3B)

    4: Texiera (1B)

    5: Nady (RF)

    6: Matsui (DH)

    7: Posada ©

    8: Cano

    9: Brett Gardner

    SP: Wang

    SP: Sabathia (or Sheets)

    SP: Mussina

    SP: Joba

    SP: Pettite

    Mariano closing with Veras and Marte setting him up and Rasner and Geise in for long relief.

    That team is going to be a beast.

  8. Why not Jay Feely? Why can't we be like the Cowboys who drafted a kicker in the 6th round and he's a Top 3 kicker already.

    Feely isn't good in clutch situations. He killed the Giants a couple years ago. I never liked Nugent but I don't see the point of cutting him over one bad kick in preseason to make room for someone who isn't really an upgrade.

    Jets have bigger concerns at Cb with Justin Miller (why the hell is he starting?).

  9. I care as much about Peter King's opinions on Jets fans and the organization as I do about how much the rest of the world "hates" the United States. Which is not at all. In fact, bite me on all counts.

    Peter King's opinions are worthless. He is a fat, dumb virgin Pats homer who is too busy sucking off Belicheat to give the Jets and their fans, the most die-hard fans in the NFL, credit for anything. The only problem is that he has a forum for his worthless opinions.

    Jets fans are the best fans in football. They have stuck with their team through so much garbage, the years of mediocrity and Bruce Coslet and Browning Neagle and then the absolute humiliation with Kotite and losing Vinny in week 1 in 1999 when we had the Sb in the f'n bag. We stuck thru all this bullsh*t and are still hardcore fans of this team. This stupid loser doesn't know anything and bases his opinion on the fact that some of us didn't drive 2 hours to watch 2 series with Brett Favre, after 10,000 of us showed up to Hempstead to watch him practice. This guy is a f_cking idiot.

    Any self-respecting Jets fan should boycott Sports Illustratted just b/c of this fat faggot.

  10. No, you're changing the subject. You said all of the starters were sitting after the 1st quarter and you were wrong. Your starting kicker missed the game winning field goal at the end of the 4th quarter. Then you chastised me for commenting on a preseason game, when the whole thread was about 1 stupid block in a pre season game. Get your facts straight!

    Isn't this thread about Faneca beating the snot out of Jason Taylor?

  11. I assume you are thinking of somebody else. I'm no Miller fan, but Braylon Edwards caught one pass last week and it was the TD on Revis. Edwards also scorched Revis in '07. If having Braylon Edwards torch you is the sign of a bad corner then Revis isn't sniffing the pro bowl everybody is projecting.

    Miller got a penalty and Edwards burned him anyway. The TD catch Edwards had against Revis was an amazing catch - Deion Sanders in his prime couldn't have stopped that.

  12. It was the biggest crowd i've seen for a preseason game. it was at least 3/4 full which i think is really good for a preseason game. King is a douche.

    King is a douche? You're being generous. Pater King is a virgin. He probably hasn't been anywhere near a woman's vagina since the day he was born.

  13. cannot be ****ed with


    this team is amazing. already qualified for the next round, but Monday's game we gone win!

    Bunch of thug turds who listen to rap and have tattoos destroying the supposedly better, more fundamentally sound foreign teams. I love it.

  14. I'm sick and tired of this scrub, he F'ing blows.

    Release this douche.

    I never liked Nugent and I always thought he was a waste of a high pick but at this stage of the game cutting him doesn't make sense. Who would we get to replace him? Is Mike Vanderjagt available? Vanderjagt is a choke artist.

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