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  1. You are correct! I couldn't believe all of the running plays when Petty came in. I was ready to accept the fact that he was coming back next year but after yesterday I want him FiRED. Send your post to the Jets front office. I'll sign it.
  2. Bryan Schor scouting profile. http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/pyrnotes.php?pyid=1020009&draftyear=2018&genpos=QB
  3. Brian Schor, James Madison University.
  4. Skrine is so bad.

    Should be cut tomorrow.
  5. OBJ will need a catheter now that he can't raise his leg to piss on hydrants.
  6. Mo's sore shoulder no problem. How did he hurt it? He hardly tackles anyone. Did he fall out of bed?
  7. SHAME on Jet fans

    Get over it cupcake.
  8. SHAME on Jet fans

    I was at the game and been a season ticket holder for over thirty years. I have a lot of friends who dropped their tickets and PSL'S because they are fed up with ownership, high prices for food and drinks, parking but most of all the product on the field for most of the years. Also they hate the new stadium! Now with politics and protest entering the game they are totally fed up. We go to games to forget about politics and everyday life's problems for a few hours. I don't know if the Jets will ever get these fans back. Winning will bring some back but not all.
  9. Chris and MO

    Chris Johnson is unknown to me and most Jets fans. Anyone know what he did before Woody put him in charge of the Jets? It does sound like he'll keep Mac and Bowles even if they show no progress. I hope he will make Bowles report to Mac. The Coach should have been picked by Mac and be responsible to the GM. Not this stupid system Woody set up. If Chris does fire one or both Mac or the new GM should hire the coach. On Mo Wilkerson this guy says he has a shoulder problem, how can he have a shoulder problem he never gets dirty and hardly ever makes a tackle? He's dogging it, trying to make an excuse for his not playing hard. He never became a a dominant or consistent DE only flashes over the years. He has to be cut at the end of the season.Too much money for an average DE.
  10. History Repeating Itself?

    47 years of deja vou all over again, and counting.
  11. Mac's biggest mistake was trading Richardson and letting Snacks go. He should have never given Wilkerson that big contract! Wilkerson never had a motor and takes plays off. Probably nobody wanted Mo and that is why Richardson was traded. Mo is a BUST!!!! Bowles is no head coach.
  12. Mo Wilkerson NEGATIVE! Way overpaid! He should have been cut and we should have kept Richardson. !8 million dollar below average DE. Quits when double teamed, the great ones split the double team and still make impact on game. Also takes plays off. O-line can't run block. Powell should be the starting back. Tye impressed me. Hope he gets better. Bowles looks lost. He will be fired sooner the better. My observations.
  13. Is Mohammed Wilkerson playing? What a waste of money!
  14. Petty Politics Hurting Bryce?

    We'll be hiring a new GM and Coach next January. The worm keeps turning and this franchise keeps failing. ON and On and ON it will go forever and ever. Sorry guys.