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  1. Squirt

    If We Lose to Denver

    What do you mean if?
  2. Bowles should be fired after the game and made to pay his own way home.
  4. Squirt

    Final thoughts on Bowles

    Bowles is in over his head. Here's why: How many No. 1 Picks and other picks have been selected for his defense in the last few years? I'm sure he approved of the picks so you can't put it all on Mac. How many of them did he raise their level of play since they were drafted? Big jump from college to pro's. How many times has he been out coached? How many times has he made adjustments during the game and half time? Poor clock management. Calling TO with three minutes and 40 seconds left in the game when you have the fish on the ropes. Let them regroup. Should have made them burn a TO there. Not to mention same old mistakes like penalties at crucial times. He will never take us to the SB never. We have a QB who looks special and a mediocre O line at best. We need a real coach and GM. That being said I will be happy to eat my words but I doubt if I'll have to.
  5. Squirt

    Eve of another losing season!

    I didn't say Rex was a great HC or good one, but he is a better HC than Bowles. Marrone thought he had the Jets job and then they hired Bowles. I wanted to hire Coughlin as VP in charge of the football operations and Marrone as HC. Marrone had a lot better resume than Bowles and was more qualified to be our HC. I predict Jacksonville will be a surprise and do a lot of damage to so called better teams than them, No Super Bowl but playoffs and may be a tough out. As far as our season goes Bowles has yet to prove he can come up with winning game plans every week win or lose and get our team ready to play 60 minutes every game which has not been able to do since he's been here. I am a lot older than most of you on this site and have seen this franchise go from being a potentially very good franchise to the laughing stock of the NFL. We have for the first time since Joe Willie a QB who can be a great one if he gets an offensive line who can protect him before he gets hurt or shell shocked. Yes it is only preseason but in a couple of weeks we will see if Bowles has grown as a HC for real. I don't believe he has. I'll be happy to me my words if I'm wrong but judging by the preseason and his press conference's I don't believe he has.
  6. Well, Bowles has the Jets in mid season shape. We finally have a QB that looks like a franchise QB and may be win a SB. I may have to eat my words about Southern California QB's. this kid looks the real deal. Now if we only had a Head Coach! Bowles has the team where he always has them. Undisciplined, penalties up the wazoo, special teams suck as usual, clock management sucks, this guy should be fired today if we want to have a decent team this year! Hell bring back Rex, Mangini, Westoff anyone who at least is a NFL caliber coach. Bowles hasn't developed one player since he's been here! Darnold will either get hurt on suffer shell shock with this clueless farce on the sidelines.Yup we may have our best QB prospect since Joe Willie but he'll waste his potential with this coaching staff! Like Comment
  7. Squirt

    Teddy Trade Thread (merged)

    I would start Teddy and trade Bowles and KC Rodgers for a case of beer. But there would be no takers.
  8. I heard Tom Brady is the father.
  9. Squirt


    As long as Woody owns this team it's doomed. We need a real football owner who is committed to winning championships!

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