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  1. The 6-2 finish means nothing. They beat teams as bad or worse than them. Williams did a lot better job with the defense than Gase the Waste did with the offense as far as coaching up what he had to work with. I looked at next years schedule and it is a lot tougher than this years. I see another 7-9 season at best with Gase calling the offense. Could end up 4-12 or worse next year.
  2. May-be Sell Woody sell or NFL make Woody sell would be more appropriate.
  3. I heard that Joe Beningo said a plane with a fire Gase sign will be flying over the stadium this week end. I believe it will have little or no effect on the Johnson's. May-be the sign should say "Woody sell the team!" or "NFL make Woody Sell!!!", or something like that. It's time to put pressure on the real problem with this team, an incompetent owner! This franchise has been a joke since Leon Hess bought out his partners after SBIII and the Hess family sold the team to Woody Johnson. Joe Namath is not the reason the Jets are cursed, poor ownership is the curse!!!!!
  4. The league should take action and make Woody sell! On second thought they'd probably F it up like they do everything else.
  5. If he is Gase the Waste buddy and isn't his own man I want him gone. Gase the Waste must go. No excuses for this idiot!
  6. The whole team is regressing under Gase the Waste!!!

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