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  1. Does anyone know when there will be a press conference introducing Saleh to Jet fans?
  2. Nothing. Keep the picks and stay with Sam. Watson is trouble. Plus I'd rather take a QB lower down. We need to build Offensive line, pass rusher and WR.
  3. The 6-2 finish means nothing. They beat teams as bad or worse than them. Williams did a lot better job with the defense than Gase the Waste did with the offense as far as coaching up what he had to work with. I looked at next years schedule and it is a lot tougher than this years. I see another 7-9 season at best with Gase calling the offense. Could end up 4-12 or worse next year.
  4. May-be Sell Woody sell or NFL make Woody sell would be more appropriate.
  5. I heard that Joe Beningo said a plane with a fire Gase sign will be flying over the stadium this week end. I believe it will have little or no effect on the Johnson's. May-be the sign should say "Woody sell the team!" or "NFL make Woody Sell!!!", or something like that. It's time to put pressure on the real problem with this team, an incompetent owner! This franchise has been a joke since Leon Hess bought out his partners after SBIII and the Hess family sold the team to Woody Johnson. Joe Namath is not the reason the Jets are cursed, poor ownership is the curse!!!!!
  6. The league should take action and make Woody sell! On second thought they'd probably F it up like they do everything else.
  7. If he is Gase the Waste buddy and isn't his own man I want him gone. Gase the Waste must go. No excuses for this idiot!
  8. The whole team is regressing under Gase the Waste!!!
  9. Squirt


    We now know Gase the Waste was the problem in Miami! Tannahill doing well in Tennessee. Gase must be fired NOW! He is a clown all talk! I’m sick of him. Should be fired now and have to hitch hike back to Jersey!!
  10. I love him too, I love to kick his dumb ass out the door and hire a real NFL caliber coach!
  11. After being a Jets fan for 60 years and a season ticket holder for 40 years I am ready to quit being a fan and season ticket holder. I am tired of their mismanagement from the owner and the whole franchise.
  12. It's a tie they continually try to out do each other in how to F up!
  13. Neither buyers or sellers. They are Do Nothings.
  14. As a 60 year Jets fan I hope the Johnsons will either let Joe Douglas run the football operation when it comes to the draft and free agency and hire and fire coaches or SELL. We all knew the the OL needs talent and we need corners and a pass rusher. I didn't want Gase the Waste. He is not a first year HC he has been a HC for four years and is less than 500. I hope he is gone after the season even if we win most of the games we have left because the schedule is soft and he should be able to win most if not all of them. I'd fire him now! I don't want to see him back next year standing on the sid
  15. Right on Kelly! Gase is a waste! I don't see it getting any better after the bye week. I can take losing but at least go down fighting and looking like a legitimate NFL team.
  16. I thought Bowles got fired.
  17. What happened to the Jets Nation show on SNY? I guess they aren't covering trains camp.
  18. Woody and his brother never had to work for anything. If it wan't for their great grandfather's immense fortune they would be nothing. They have no idea what it takes to build anything. They are nothing more than poor little rich boys that don't have a clue. Dumb and Dumber as far as I'm concerned.
  19. Did you watch Chris Johnsons press conference? He looked like he lost his notes or the teleprompter shut down. About as much enthusiasm and excitement in his voice as a rock. What a crappy attempt at trying to assure Jet fans things will change. It's the end of an error and the beginning of a new error. SOJ
  20. The Johnson brothers are the problem with this franchise. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is insanity and stupidity.The GM must hire the coach! Time to root for a new team. 50 years of stupidity. I am out of patience hoping they will get it right. As a Jet fan since 1960 when the AFL was born and a 38 year season ticket holder I have had it. Same Old Jets!!!!
  21. Super Bowl III. Nothing compares to that victory!
  22. Also a new owner, President, VP, GM, Coach and their own stadium.
  23. New uniforms are the last thing this organization needs! How about a new owner who cares and wants to win SB's! Also great NFL talent evaluator's, GM, HC, Coaching Assistants, trainer, and most of all upper management! Uniforms won't help this franchise!
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