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  1. TJ

    Chad Hansen WR2

    He's the white Jordy Nelson! 😁
  2. Rich Cimini is an amazing beat reporter.
  3. Fvck cancer!!! Don' know you, but get well soon 🔜. Good work!!
  4. He runs the shower 🚿 I knew he was all wet 😁
  5. TJ

    Petty Cut

    So all that talk about teams calling about Petty...........
  6. TJ

    Glenn Naughton Named Editor

    good work, congrats
  7. TJ

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

  8. TJ

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    I'm aware of the need for a DT. I just wish Mac would take OL more seriously and I personally like surrounding a new quarterback with young skill players drafted to grow with him
  9. TJ

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    I agree. I stated this in my post
  10. TJ

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Brady gets Isiah Wynn and Sonny Michele. Darnold gets a DT. 😁 Yes, I know we needed one, but...... Jets
  11. TJ

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

    Glad we got Darnold, but keeping our second rounders and getting Rosen would have been ok.
  12. If Rosen becomes a Jet I'll be very happy (I think).......... 😕
  13. One year deal with a guarantee that he goes to another team after the season. 😁