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  1. How does Zach run?? This was extremely funny ……kudos
  2. Bingo! With a suspect O’line, skill players and three rookie coaches, not letting Wilson sit was the dumbest thing The Jets have done and we all know they’ve done a lot of dumb sh*t.
  3. Just use the Fanspeak computer to draft players!
  4. Yes, that champagne glass was offensive
  5. OMG! I’m shocked. And sad. Never met Savage, but reading his posts on JI and JN for over two decades made me think of him as a great dude. R.I.P. my friend
  6. You don’t have enough cash, dude.
  7. ZW: “Why is this guy with the beard looking at me adoringly.”
  8. Positionless Subpackage Defender!!!
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