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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    they should be trying to win (not us) they have more ammo to move than us, so they could have tried to make the playoffs and if they wanted to move on from Tyrod, they could trade up.
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    its obvious to me that the bills brain trust were seeing how close buffalo was to a playoff caliber team and they decided they weren't there with Tyrod. They are now in full tank mode.
  3. That designation is for Raideraholic aka Raider90210.
  4. Phins Trade Ajayi

    How much for Landry?
  5. It's actually JetsRule12.8 I think Jetsinsider forgot the decimal point and it was never corrected.
  6. Who are the corners moving forward? The first two picks in the 2018 draft.
  7. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    All Rise!
  8. Darron Lee is 23

    Happy Birthday, Darren
  9. Eh, you teenagers and your boogie woogie records.