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  1. I’m aware of the purpose of the platform. I guess your “post count” is important to you. Please feel free to respond as much as you like.
  2. I should have specified “defensive player” or “db” we should have drafted instead of Adams and that might have prevented you from having to “respond” Yeah, I would have loved to draft Mahomes. Luckily for Patrick, we didn’t!!!
  3. The player The Jets should have drafted instead of “Prez.”
  4. 3 firsts and Bosa.........🙃🎅
  5. I watched Sam Darnold in the Rose Bowl and was wowed! I kept trying catch more USC games and never really saw anything great from Sam again. I never really thought he’d become a Jet but was happy when they drafted him. Obviously, I never saw him fulfill his potential and wasn’t sure if he just fooled me with one great performance or he was just Jetified. Now all this talk about fixing him. I don’t expect anything. Just gonna wait and see what happens. I really like Saleh, though. Good hire!!
  6. I always noticed how much time BB spent on the sidelines with the offense. Seems like he was very involved.

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