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  1. Nice, A JI tradition now available at JN!!
  2. Short this time, HBD 😁 🍸
  3. Bit, do u think Edoga is adequate or really good? I'd love to have a stud for Sam at LT for a decade. I hope JD can put together an O'line that stay together for a long time. Got spoiled with Dbrick Mangold and those guys.
  4. F the Cheats!!! However, holding, turnovers, special teams gaffs, O'line problems, flags...... yeah, that spread..... well we've seen this before Hope we take away their undefeatedness
  5. I thought he was 61 yrs old and I sneezed..πŸ‘€
  6. Injuries don't affect the Patsies much. They win on special teams, defense and turnovers. Oh yeah, and flags!!! 🎌 Would love beat them, though...
  7. Teach O'line to hold. Pick plays. Mug their receivers. Tape their walk thru.
  8. Would hate to pass on Jeudy. Wish we already had a LT...
  9. I think Fitz has started more games than most backups.....
  10. Robin's threads were funnier. Great poster!

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