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  1. Interesting video. I know I've heard Sam "Kill" a play. Is that not an audible??
  2. Not sure, but those hitch plays behind the line of scrimmage with 8, 9 men in the box gotta go. And it couldn't hurt getting rid of TB.
  3. That was a joke about how we usually lose with extra time to prepare.
  4. Jax was going to be tough to beat anyway, but the fact that we have a week and a half to prepare guarantees our loss.
  5. Prevent Defense prevented us from winning the game. Bowles is terrible.
  6. It'll take a Billboard and skywriting.
  7. TJ

    Robby Effing Anderson

    F this piece of shyt
  8. TJ

    Bench Darnold, sign Kaep

    I like this thread. 😁 Seriously though, that was embarrassing. I hate our coach and GM. Sam deserves better
  9. I didn't like the way the Miami looked. I don't like this one either. Hope we surprise.
  10. Josh should celebrate with a joint
  11. Second game. He learned more stuff. He looks good

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