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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 Adam.
  2. And everything else about ESPN
  3. TJ

    This ******* team.

    Mac is a dimwit! How many DTs do u friggin need????
  4. I'm shocked!!! 😲 😂
  5. Friggin micro aggressions. Makes me sick.
  6. TJ

    Happy Birthday, SLATS

    Max has a retirement plan?? Happy B'day!! 🎂
  7. 49ERS may draft him
  8. Well he's pro-Trump and anti-Kaepernick. Should be fun if he goes to San Francisco......
  9. Happy Birthday 🎂 PK. Have a great day! ☺
  10. I remember a story relayed by CBNY of him luring a College team mate into the locker room and beating the crap out of him. Not sure it's true.
  11. TJ

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    Obvious? Lmao
  12. TJ

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    Hope you're right. I think Rosen will be really good..... I hate for the Lolphins to get him. 😲

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