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  1. TJ

    RIP Savage69

    Yes, that champagne glass was offensive
  2. TJ

    RIP Savage69

    OMG! I’m shocked. And sad. Never met Savage, but reading his posts on JI and JN for over two decades made me think of him as a great dude. R.I.P. my friend
  3. You don’t have enough cash, dude.
  4. ZW: “Why is this guy with the beard looking at me adoringly.”
  5. Positionless Subpackage Defender!!!
  6. JD is where football is headed!
  7. In years past, we’d draft Defense with our high picks and our offense would be from the second and third days. This is refreshing!
  8. He went by Come Back To NY. Had Ronald Reagan as an avatar( maybe why he is not liked)
  9. Will Javante Williams be there in the 3rd round?? These backs are very tempting 🏎
  10. Lol, I’d prefer Jeopardy James Holzhauer!
  11. He’s good. And he’s good at football. I think Ken Jennings will ultimately be The new host
  12. Probably the next Derrick Henry, but not at 23.
  13. Pitts will be a fin. Better get more pass rushers, nobody can cover this guy.
  14. Never saw him post here, but I agree. Although nobody is always right, I take his info seriously. I remember when he had us moving up to draft Revis. Guy is more believable than most imho.
  15. One of my favorite football players. Loved watching him throw for 400 yards every Saturday at Purdue. Enjoy your retirement.
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