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  1. I was busy at the movies last night. I dont watch Wrestling. Too fake.
  2. I read that the Titans were taking legal action in court to keep Pacman from Wrestling. He may not have his debut any time soon
  3. Tanny should give Revis the 5 year deal. Then he will still have the option of Franchising him. If he turns to be a bust, one less year stuck for the team.
  4. Jetman67


    Sometimes things happen. If you are in a bad marriage and fall in love with someone else it just happens.
  5. The thought of max producing offspring is very scary!!!
  6. Thats easy!! Woody & Jay are in it for the money and dont give a sh*t about the fans
  7. Didnt work out. Im here in Seattle. Still hoping to go to the opener.
  8. He just called with trouble with his blackberry. Nice guy. I told him he was a good QB. (so I lied to the guy) Kinda cool to get calls from former nfl players
  9. You mean you are on vacation?????
  10. I will be rolling in about 10am. Still want free parking!!
  11. aahhh!!! The lets all Bitch about Revis thread. Revis and his agent are right. Tannenbaum is a F*ckup
  12. I work for at&t. in tech support for bes admins.
  13. F*ck the music industry!! They make millions off concerts, mtv videos etc. I never pay for music!!!
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