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  1. I was busy at the movies last night. I dont watch Wrestling. Too fake.
  2. I read that the Titans were taking legal action in court to keep Pacman from Wrestling. He may not have his debut any time soon
  3. Tanny should give Revis the 5 year deal. Then he will still have the option of Franchising him. If he turns to be a bust, one less year stuck for the team.
  4. Jetman67


    Sometimes things happen. If you are in a bad marriage and fall in love with someone else it just happens.
  5. The thought of max producing offspring is very scary!!!
  6. Thats easy!! Woody & Jay are in it for the money and dont give a sh*t about the fans
  7. Didnt work out. Im here in Seattle. Still hoping to go to the opener.
  8. He just called with trouble with his blackberry. Nice guy. I told him he was a good QB. (so I lied to the guy) Kinda cool to get calls from former nfl players
  9. You mean you are on vacation?????
  10. I will be rolling in about 10am. Still want free parking!!
  11. aahhh!!! The lets all Bitch about Revis thread. Revis and his agent are right. Tannenbaum is a F*ckup
  12. I work for at&t. in tech support for bes admins.
  13. F*ck the music industry!! They make millions off concerts, mtv videos etc. I never pay for music!!!
  14. TX is a dumb Chowd and annoying, but he has been around a very long time.
  15. I thought marko like to eat limo pie, not blueberry
  16. I cant get my HP Ipaq to work as a modem with Windows Vista!!! I tethered it all the time with XP. The modem driver is not compatible with Vista. I have tried renaming drivers, and using other drivers from HTC. Nothing works. Anyone here know how to create a driver????
  17. You have Mod Powers!!! Just move it to the lounge dude. OK, im off my soapbox. Gotta go read the stats from last nights basketball game. LOL
  18. Tannenbaum is blowing all of the credibility that he built for his career. He used to be so good at getting the deals done. It almost looks like success has gotten to his head. I just dont understand why he would lose his ability to negotiate and get things done.
  19. last week lauren jackson became the youngest and fastest player in the WNBA to reach 4000 points. last night they set a new franchise record for points scored in a game beating the Phoenix Mercury 111 - 101!!! The Storm are set to go deep into the post season.
  20. Lots of guys wear Crocs where I live. I wouldnt mind a pair of Jets Crocs. If they werent for men, they wouldnt make them in mens sizes
  21. Me too. If Seattle had a NHL Team i think the new arena would make make more sense to the city.
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