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  1. I'll wait for an official announcement before I believe anything of the sort. To decide who is going to start over a year from now is not even a rational thing to do IMO.
  2. Thanks to all you for your good wishes and here's hoping that all of you have an incredible Christmas and a prosperous new year!
  3. I think Cleo is a keeper and turned out to be a great trade for Feeley. He has a great arm and is mobile ++ Joey is proving that, while he may be marginally better than he showed in Detroit, he just doesn't have what it takes to start in the NFL.
  4. Good game, guys. The Jets played tough in horrible weather. Chad had flashes of his old self and you found a way to exploit our secondary. Good luck in the playoffs !
  5. Good game, guys. Well played game. Good luck in the playoffs. Merry Christmas!
  6. The entire state of Florida is expecting heavy rain and there are currently tornado warnings around Orlando. The best resource for the Miami weather is here: http://weather.herald.com/US/FL/South_Florida.html If you guys who are traveling to the game feel so inclined, stop by the Finheaven.com tailgate and say 'hello' to the 20 or so members who will be there tonight. They will be meeting in Camry Zone East 22. Just look for the Dolph-Van and the Finheaven.com banner Merry Christmas and here's to a great game tonight !
  7. Bro, it is Christmas and the season is nearly over... We win and feel a sense of accomplishment or lose and move up in the draft. Either way, as long as our guys represent and play with pride, I will be proud of both teams.
  8. We are certainly struggling in the point kicking game this year. I think that most Fin fans believe that Mare's days with the team are nearing an end.
  9. I just wanted to stop and wish you guys good luck on Christmas. This should be an awesome game played before a massive national audience. The Dolphins / Jets rivalry hasn't had as much importance to me since the major shootouts in the 1980's but it always promises to be a great game. For those of you traveling to the game, I hope you can take the time to hook up with the 20 or so Fin Fans from Finheaven.com. Good luck and here's to a great game with no major injuries.
  10. Dude, everyone hates Jets fans... except other Jets fans j/k That is just Jason. He likes to stir the pot before games but it's all in fun.
  11. How can you not like Taylor? They guy is outstanding Defensive End and a future HOF. I expect him to spend more than a little time harassing the crap out of your back field. Good luck, guys. Here's to a well fought game with no major injuries.
  12. As long as he doesn't darken the door of Miami's HQ, I am good to go..
  13. I agree that Clemens is heir apparant but probably a year or so away from taking the number one spot away from Ramsey or Pennington.
  14. Bro...give it back Seriously...can I not use my own avatar
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