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  1. who cares how it happened...that was a great feeling at the stadium
  2. How those Mets doing?

  3. Lots of good memories. The Jets/Pittsburgh game in the snow. The Jacksonville playoff game (a Jaguars fan that parked across from us in a shiny new Jaguar, the freezing cold, Keyshawn). The Packers game to win the division. Most improbable run at the division. The Colts playoff game (even though we got yelled at for standing- didn't buy our regular seats for the playoff's that year and we got stuck in lame-ville downstairs.) Just to add, the worst moment may have been when Vinny went down in 99'.
  4. You and Tyson staying out of trouble?

  5. 124

    Tyson told me about how it would cost $12,000 over 8 years for your seats, PLUS $105 per seat each year. Thats some crazy numbers bro. We're all out of season tickets in two years if that turns out to be the case.

  6. Bones

    did you see the survey?

  7. I know the stats say he has only given up 7 HR in 65 innings but doesn't it seem like 64 HR in 65 innings? Horrible.
  8. hmmm, this could be bigger than we thought... Wait a minute, I've been to Atlanta & Virginia AND I hate the Braves AND I have a dog AND I once saw Pete Kendall in the hollows of Jets Stadium, therefore it should be clear to all that I am part of the Vick dog fighting ring as well. I think I can implicate others as well. For instance, Tyson met Pete Kendall AND he once tried to throw a horseshoe around my dog's neck. There is nothing left to be said.
  9. He should die. His last 5 games: 5.1 Innings, 11 Hits, 10 Runs. As Tyson would say- "Enough is enough". He is pitching exactly like he did for Cleveland last year before coming to the Mets. He should get in touch with Bonds' steroid supplier & get some good
  10. blah, blah, blah. 4H=Head of the Players Union
  11. And while your at it, grab all the garbage within a 100 yard radius and start a nice "little" fire.
  12. Don't forget burnables, gotta have burnables...
  13. crap, the 'over' isn't looking so good. Shouldv'e stopped betting after making so much $$ on the ND/LSU game. Hey Rutgers, I mean Mike, who do you think CAN afford to take a fullback in the 2nd round?
  14. HATE the Colts. God damn Vinitieri- again.
  15. Colts Saints Bears Chargers then, Saints v. Chargers Superbowl- nice.
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