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  1. although floyd is kind of a headcase i really like him size and speed wise. not sure if we'd even consider a wr in round 1 but round 2 i think a guy like floyd would be available Top Draft 2012 Prospects -- (Updated 8/4/2011) Rank Player Pos. Position Rank School Class Ht. Wt. 40 Time 5 Justin Blackmon WR 1 Oklahoma State rJr 6-1 212 4.54 7 Alshon Jeffery WR 2 South Carolina Jr 6-4 233 4.56 22 Jeff Fuller WR 3 Texas A&M Sr 6-3 215 4.52 25 Michael Floyd WR 4 Notre Dame Sr 6-3 228 4.54 47 Greg Childs WR 5 Arkansas Sr 6-3 214 4.56 61 *Josh Gordon WR 6 Baylor Jr 6-3 220 4.
  2. biggest issue i have is we are getting old at the position you need the most speed in WR. so next year we have holmes and kerley and nothing else at wr?
  3. and being he is in san fran, he shouldnt have a problem getting a modeling job as im sure all the gays will go crazy for that silly little goose
  4. Osi has a financially induced knee injury and today it was announced Prince Amukamara broke his foot and could be out the year and Kevin Boss's replacement Ben Patrick retired at the ripe old age of 27... looks like we are the King of NY/NJ
  5. should send sterger over to recruit mason...
  6. dare i start the kerley chant of WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO
  7. walking gingerly eh? took one to many dick pics i'd imagine
  8. Although Mason is tough as balls he is more name then game at this point. See if Cotch takes a paycut and put him on the PUP so he fully heals and we have him back for the stretch run.
  9. I'll take Jay Cutler's tangibles over Teabagblow and his intangibles that got him a hanes endorsement. Maybe he can describe how they prevent you from getting splinters in your a$$ from sitting on the bench so long.
  10. SPRAY SOME MACE UP IN NNAMDI'S FACE! love the signing again though a lot of older guys. we need a younger guy outside santonio to develop
  11. coming and premature in consecutive posts? i dont like where this is going lol
  12. http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/blog/2011/08/the_new_york_giants_have.html GET ME SOME OF THAT FIVE HOUR ENERGY!!!!!
  13. I wouldn't mind that although the probation crap plus is feel sorry for me tweeting has turned me off quite a bit.
  14. If they wanna open up the offense we really need another WR. Smith could be good on the cheap. Maybe a similar impact to Holmes last year.
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