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  1. It's a shame Guru and Premier never made up..
  2. I have this feeling that he is going to surprise a lot of people playing DE.
  3. Probably one of the greatest crew cut ever made. Kool G was a Monster on this..
  4. +100 The running game develop some rhythm on a couple of drives and they stalled when this so called genius decides to go spread shotgun for no reason. We could of scored more points by just running the ball down their throats. Make them stop you before you go spread offense.And another thing that bugs me is why put unnecessarily pressure on Sanchez throwing the ball so much in the redzone.I'm sorry but Schotty has to get a grip on how the game is flowing. There's no reason to get cute when the simple plays are working.
  5. Schotty would of ruined Cutler just as every other qb he touches.Our problem is bigger then the rookie its the dope who is calling these plays .Also our wide outs run horrible routes I don't know if that is a design play or what but being bunch up the way they are isn't going to help no wr's or qb on this team.
  6. If the breaking ball has been effective all night, why do you call for a slider..
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