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  1. beck, the skins 4th string qb, looked much better than brunell. i guess babe parelli was unavailable for the team to sign .
  2. i guess babe parelli was unavailable......... stupid! forget taylor and sign garcia as the backup qb.........idiots!
  3. joe willie would have carved up belli's defense just like the giants did to the pats. boozer and snell would run wild and the corners would get killed by maynard , sauer, and lammons.
  4. we gave up a later second round pick than the chiefs did for cassell, who did not start at all for usc. the players were already replaced in free agency, and we did not lose any picks in next year's loaded draft. looks like a great first day to me. we can still pick up some players in day two, and other teams like dallas and the bears and the pats were stockpiling day two picks.
  5. i agree. his dad did well with us, and the last hc we got from baltimore won a trophy for us.
  6. he has a 5-2 record against the pats. bellicheat even said he gives him the most trouble gameplanning. bring him in as the hc/oc and get keith butler, the steelers lb coach, to run the 3-4. maybe rob ryan will pop loose from oakland. shanny would love to shaft al davis out of his dc.
  7. as a tribute to the ' statistically best qb the jets ever had' lets let the chinese company name it: noodles park.
  8. i voted for noodle arm- he has more flag /towel experience.
  9. he has little/no chance as long as noodle arm keeps taking up a roster spot....
  10. he should just ask the flag girls for a few pointers......... how much more of this excuse b.s. are we going to hear? it's like year 6 post-injury already.....
  11. if you read up about him, he's not kellen's replacement. he's going to replace ol noodle arm.
  12. the steelers won in the super bowl in ben's 2nd year. as long as the primary offense is run-based, the jets can win with kellen. besides, with him as the qb, defenses can't stack the box with 8 or 9 guys or the jets will throw deep. at least he doesn't have a noodle arm.
  13. exactly. i'd raher have clemens, backed up by tui, with flacco as the long-range guy. then, trade noodle for a pick or two to kc.
  14. it will be a great day. i'll have a case of bubbly- one to bless the moving van, and the rest to drink. buffalo does not belong in the nfl or nhl. it is not a major league city. it has to gravy-train people and money from other areas, and sports teams in those areas suffer. good riddance!
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