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  1. Well if you look for tickets, and notice a lot of cheap ones in certain areas... there's a reason for that... The Sun. Even in early November, it can be brutally hot for a 1PM game. Now, the updated stadium has big new overhangs, so there's much more shade than there used to be. But in general, the Dolphins Home Side of the Stadium will be in more shade, and in much higher demand. (It's the South Side): https://hardrockstadium.com/stadium-maps/ You will find cheaper seats, and more visiting fans, in the North side. It can be fine if you prepare, dress properly, etc. And maybe
  2. I'm flying up from Florida for the game, solo, just need a single excellent ticket, and willing to pay. Want something good, say in between the 30s, lower level or a low row in upper level. Yes there's stuff available on Stubhub - but let's see if we can skip the middleman here. TIA.
  3. Flying up from Florida this Sunday for the Jax game. Hope we can help rock the stadium like it rocked Sunday night! And looking fwd to reservations for 2 at Tailgate Joe's. We're staying at the Fairfield Inn over on Patterson Plank Road (past the racetrack) so it's a bit of a walk but should be well worth it. - Charlie (and Peggy) in Delray Beach
  4. A rare Shootout Jets game. With no O-line, the Jets D harasses Romo all night long. I see at least 2 picks and 2 strip sacks. Jets 35-27.
  5. Oh duh it helps to read the thread before posting. Camry Lot 13 it is!
  6. I'll be at the game... coming all the way from Delray Beach (30 miles north)! Is the tailgate still Camry Lot 13? Are those crazy girls still around? Bren and GangreenGrl or something like that? See you Sunday, 11AM. (I will be late because I'm running in the Palm Beach Half Marathon at 6AM and won't finish til around 8AM). - Charlie (originally from Freeport LI).
  7. Hi there, I am up in Delray Beach. My wife and I were supposed to go - but her kids who were supposed to be arriving from San Fran on Saturday - got bumped due to the Denver blizzard. As a result they are finally arriving in MIA tonight so she has to pick them up (inlcuding her new baby grandson!). That means I have two tickets (Sect 445 Row 20) but I would rather sell/trade them for ONE better one. If anyone is going to have one decent single tix, please PM me or email me at CFByrne@BellSouth.Net Thanks, - Charlie
  8. I have two tickets for JETS vs. Miami Christmas night Sec 445, Row 20, On the Aisle. At last minute, wife can't go, so I am solo. Looking to sell or trade for ONE seat. I am in South Florida.
  9. PARKING Please remember that ALL parking gates open at 4:30 p.m.. We encourage you to arrive early to avoid peak traffic flow. Here are some helpful tips: Arrive early. Avoid the peak time of 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Listen to 790 AM The Ticket's pre-game show for traffic updates Monitor the Variable Message Signs located by the side of the roads as you get in close proximity to the stadium. The signs will update you on traffic and parking lot closures. Thank you for your support during this 2006 season. We look forward to seeing you again in 2007. Happy Holidays!
  10. Looking forward to seeing folks in the Camry lot Monday afternoon/evening. Last year I met BrendaC and GangGreenGirl wandering about. One note... It's supposed to rain down here pretty much from now right up til sometime around Monday evening. Then a "cold" front comes through and great weather after that. Of course, that is 3 days from now so this could change, but depending on the timing, it COULD be a wet tailgate and game. Hopefully not. Maybe the front comes through early and it's beautiful and in the 60's. - Charlie in Delray.
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