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  1. I wish GOB had his own TV show. He's dreamy.
  2. What does BP's taint taste like?

  3. Why haven't you died yet? You bring nothing to the board. NOTHING.

  4. heh. good post. if he played for any other team and the Jets traded for him everyone would think it was a bad joke.
  5. You do what you want to do and I'll do what I want to do.
  6. If that is true then the Jet are clearly the laughingstock of the NFL and a franchise that will never win anything. However you have no idea if it's true or not.
  7. I'll attack that jackass whenever I feel like it. I've been attacked unprovoked by him enough times. If you don't like it, ban me.
  8. No questions. At least I got you on record condoning the abuse of power that goes on around here. I don't really care anymore.
  9. I guess it's OK for mods to abuse their power to **** with posters they have personal problems with too. Somehow that doesn't seem to bother you that much huh?
  10. Typical clueless post by a clueless poster. The way some people around here spit in the face of reality to defend Clemens for some reason is pretty funny. Almost like the Pennington fan club with MUCH MUCH MUCH less actual production.
  11. They both get credit for the epic collapse.
  12. There is no way that he's back if Rex doesn't want him back.
  13. Talking out of your ass again. Favre played with lots of bad teams in GB and never was CLOSE to as horrible as Clemens and Ratliff has never played so anything you say about him is clearly pure speculation.
  14. The Jets hired a bad coach and had to fire him. I think as a response they should fold their franchise.
  15. The lowest rating in the NFL = well, huh? I'd love to know what kind of numbers a QB who you think is bad would put up...
  16. Clemens in 07 was way worse than Favre was this year. If you are going to rightly want to get rid of Favre, Clemens should follow him out the door.
  17. The whole logic of this statement sucks. This is not the late 90s packers. This is a TEAM. One player is not the best hope. The best hope is to play better on both sides of the ball and not turn the ball over.
  18. You have NO IDEA if that's true or not and you won't until those players or other players who are brought in are allowed to play. As long as Favre is here the franchise is paralyzed. They are going nowhere with a QB who can't stop throwing picks. I don't care how much talent they have. That's common sense. I can't believe this is even an argument. How awful would he have to play for the reality of the player he is in 2009 to penetrate the legend of a player who doesn't exist anymore? If he had thrown 40 picks some people would still be deluding themselves into thinking the 1995 favre was gonna magically appear out of nowhere...
  19. No one thought he was worthy of being picked 6 overall. Thats just revisionist history at it's best.
  20. If they do they will be a complete laughing stock becuase it will be as clear as day that they care more about having a "star QB" than building a program that would provide sustained success over the long haul.
  21. It belongs on the guy who threw 22 picks and 9 in the last 5 games. You can't win doing that. I don't care WHAT else is going on with the team. That kind of reckless disregard for the football is unforgivable and should show Favre and the Jets that he's done.
  22. You can make all the excuses you want. The balls he threw to the other team are not the fault of any one of the things you mentioned. It's a non issue. He's gone.
  23. Why would I give a crap about what Clemens did against awful pac 10 defenses? I've seen him in NFL games and it's very clear that he sucks.
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