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  1. All the talk this week has been about 3-4 or 4-3. Put 5 guys or 6 guys on the gaddamn line and make them pass! I'll even settle for the dreaded 4-6. Our secondary is better than our front line. Dewayne Robertson is not undersized....he just stinks! He is not strong enough to play in this man's sport. He is getting blown 10 yards from the line of scrimmage each play.
  2. This defense looks really good. Pick em for your fantasy leagues. Yesterdays scrimmage was good learning for our O-Line and if memory serves me correctly... coaches mostly hide playbooks in offseason anyway. But this defense could do some hurt this year!
  3. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/story/443964p-373908c.html I am sure you've already read this article but my response is drafting Reggie Bush or Matt Leinert would have contributed nothing to this team. I think its great we bucked the system and took 2 #1 O-Linemen. Denny Green made Matt Leinert run like a big buffoon to the media saying he will agree to the contract. The last person in the NFL to hold out and he sat on this very same contract for 1 week. Matt's too busy with Paris Hilton to worry about spring training. Reggie Bush did look good in the scrimmage las
  4. D-SLOB and the rest of the DT-Hee Haw Gang looked dreadful vs Bucs. I want to purchase WEED from Terry Bradways drug dealer because what this guy smoked on that draft day when he chose to trade 2 #1's....I would love to get a puff of that mary jane, chronic, reefer, ganja, blunt or whatever he was doing. Smoke em if ya got em Terry B! We need to go with a 6-1 defense with guys like D-SLOB, who sludgingly gets his 1-2 tackles per game. This guy was compared to Warren Sapp in college and it seems more now than ever he couldn't comptete with the fleshy mole on the back of Warren Sapp's a
  5. I would add that a healthy Chad Pennington would not even make a difference. He has lost his MOJO! There is something wrong with telling your team your fit for the upcoming season and after the first preseason game, making comments like "I didn't know how my his shoulder would hold up". Dear Chad Pennington: Chad your shoulder has nothing to do with fumbles. Protect the goddamn football already. You have lost your toughness! Your practice habits have always been in question even under Bill Parcells who sat you on his bench for 3 years. There was a reason why Ray Lucas pla
  6. I have been told by the New York Jets that Erica Mangina and Mika Tannebomb have to approve all information prior to release. Next time we need a new coach we can ask Fidel Castro.
  7. All of sudden over the last 2 years..when he does play..Mr Egg cannot hold onto the football. His fumbles in the first preseason game reflect that he hasn't improved in this area. How long has he been in the league 6 years? Any QB can be accurate on 2-5 yard passes! The last few years has Mr. Pennington proving that he cannot compete in the NFL and I would favor Brooks Bollinger over this guy anyday! Chad do us all a favor....go back to Tennessee and make moonshine with Al Gore your homeboy who couldn't even carry his own home state in the presidential election in 2000. Ten
  8. No touchdowns! Chad fumbling again! 167 yards rushing allowed! I see no changes from this team last year and this year. At least they know how to get to the hotel on time and have practiced their goal line drills. Maybe Mangini and the coaching staff should take a freaking lap. The next music they will be playing on the loud speakers will be... "Oops I did it again" by Brittany Spears Herman Edwards is laughing all the way to the bank!
  9. Ask any Jet player and they will mention one of these three things; Teaching...Learning...Improving..Consistency Mangini has turned Jets camp into a classroom exhibit on "how to run a football practice". His press conferences continue to explain to us how football is played. His players continue to comment scripted interviews. He is not the first coach to use loudspeakers. Nor is he the the first coach to make someone run a lap for making mistakes. He is moving too slowly along in training camp. Spending a night in the hotel with the team was a waste of time. He foll
  10. Pouha should be cut. Just pay him whatever we owe him and cut the umbilical cord already! I remember parts of last season he was out with injuries. I guess when you have a "washout season" like last year, it is the same as being on the IR/DL
  11. Another year another season ending injury. This guy is snake bit. http://jets.scout.com/2/555029.html
  12. Curtis Martin career may be over, Chad Pennington is fighting for his professional life and who's to blame...you guessed it...Herman Edwards! I do not burden this with the player because having played the sport myself, playing hurt is a part of the game and seeing your fellow players everyday applies peer pressure to return and in some cases too soon. (unless of course your John Abraham). This coach knowingly put his players at risk by allowing them to comeback too soon especially when it was visuallly obvious they could not compete. It was clear to everyone in the stadium that
  13. It is obvious his knee is not 100%. He will be held out of camp and then some. He may come back and make a bit of difference during the end of the year. How cruel it may seem, if he is unable to play then you must make room on your roster for those who can physically particpate. That brings us to next year and CM turns 34 years old. I am a Curtis Martin fan! I always will be. I have collected his cards from rookie at New England, all the way to Jets, and view him as the most underrated RB in the history of the NFL. It is my opinion that he has nothing further to prove and would he
  14. He should be made an example. Dude doesn't even show up ready to practice. Cramping was always a poor excuse when I was playing. Of course I was the thin man then!
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