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  1. Several reasons, IMO:

    • Used to be that the average Joe could afford season tix.  Only 8-10 games, maybe $1000 or so.  Greed killed that with absurd prices.  The blue collar crowd priced out and the game day experience now sucks.
    • Games on too many nights and the over-saturation many have mentioned
    • In person game experience ruined by commercial after commercial-TV timeout after TV timeout.
    • Constant coverage on sports cable to the point of madness
    • Rules changes making the game a lot more like a video game than football
    • Poor management resulting in the No Fun League
    • Most recently, allowing politics to dominate more than the actual athletic contest
    • Debilitating effect of the game on players while the NFL tries to deny this

    The game now is big due to gambling and fantasy stuff.  Half-empty cadillac-like stadiums are the result.   

  2. I'm hoping maybe he had undisclosed injuries. He knows the craft. He's a proven supertalent. He's only 31. Rod Woodson played at 38, Darrell Green was almost 43.
    Darrelle's "I'm old" comment was either a cover-up excuse or turning past 30 messed with his head. He watched D'Brick quit after 10 years.
    Maybe he's questioning his own interest in the game (but not the money). Maybe it's just a fixable funk.
    It must be hard to stay enthused when your team sucks and the HC is clueless.

    Maybe it is because he has gone from island to turnstile to felon in 16 months.

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