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  1. No way Hairball wants to work in NY. I bet he ends up on Oakland or Ann Arbor.
  2. Looks like the Raiders are back to tanking.
  3. I am looking for investment advice. How are PSL's at MetLife stadium as an investment? What kind of return can I expect?
  4. The NFL must be proud of this exemplary product they put on the field tonight in Detroit.
  5. Once, just once I would like to see the Jets enter the final 8 minutes of a game with 3 time outs remaining. They piss away time outs like they have zero value every week.
  6. What? What hit in who's wallet? The PSL's and seats are all sold. Some loss from concessions and parking will have no impact on Woody. Neither, apparently, will the humiliation that we all feel by the pathetic performance of all concerned.
  7. Wait until the last couple weeks. The New England game will be like a Pats home game.
  8. Well, what did you expect. He gets a wonderful evaluation from Woody. He banked $20-plus Million for the Woodster this year, the stadium is sold out, the PSL's are sold, Woody gets all the cash from the NFL broadcast and sponsor contracts. It's all good.
  9. 7 straight losses. Rex cannot be absolved. This game and the San Diego game is twice they were unprepared and got blown out.
  10. Yep. Was a kid watching SB III. They reeled me in. Nothing but misery since.
  11. 43 points for Buffalo. Kyle Orton is da bomb! Is Cowboy Bob Orton his father?
  12. Long enough since we have had to root for a tank. Rex has always been smoke and mirrors. Geno is good at something. Playing QB is not his something.
  13. Who are the poor TV announcers that have had to suffer through this dreck? Wischusen is in his usual mode-pissed off..........and Marty Lyons is incoherent as usual. Guy is either a dolt or he took too many hits to the head.
  14. It will be interesting/entertaining to see all the no-shows in PSL Life Stadium late in the season. Roger Goodell says it was a good investment, so there's that.
  15. Our defense is top-notch? Right? Will they officially suck when they have surrendered 50?
  16. Vick used to kill dogs. Now he is playing on the same team with them.
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