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  1. This is it. Stp them and you have a chance. First down=game over,
  2. Geno needs to go back to doing what he does best......texting peen pics. He sucks at playing QB.
  3. Crappy management-crappy draft picks-crappy players-crappy, money grubbing owner. I now feel that raising my kids to be Jets fans=child abuse and I should be punished.
  4. The last time they were this pathetic was butt fumble Thanksgiving.
  5. I just figured out why we suck so badly this year. We miss the leadership of Santonio Holmes
  6. Vintage performance Rex. What will your excuse be this time?
  7. New QB. Same suck results. Good thing Woody is saving money on this crew. Glad I am jot paying for a PSL.
  8. Was that Kyle Wilson who went flying by? Oh, Pryor. Even better. Cripes.
  9. The refereeing has become shockingly bad in the NFL. Almost as shockingly bad as the Jets are.
  10. What an exciting offense. Too bad we passed on all the useful WR's last draft.
  11. Good thing Idzik saved all of Woody's millions. That could not have been easier. Why bother covering Gates?
  12. The Pats finally suck, and the Jets suck worse. It is the world as it has to be. I was 11 when we won Super Bowl 3. It has mostly been a steaming pile of excrement since.
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