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  1. I thought the D was supposed to be good. That looked like Pee Wee football. Wow!
  2. Every year I think that it cannot possibly be worse. Every year I type a message just like this one.
  3. Fitz is still hot garbage (the rocks would have said it)
  4. Good thing the Jets have 3 QB's and Fitz on the way, because 2 of them will end up oispitalized in the first 6 weeks with the pathetic O line they have.
  5. I was especially drawn to the title of this thread.
  6. Saw this thread and I thought Mo was dealt to the Jags. Whew!
  7. Geno is better at selfies of his peen than he is at football.
  8. Well it IS early, but so far, Fitz is playing this out very astutely. He will get more $ from the Jets (or someone else) than he was going to get if he had signed already.
  9. Good thing the Broncos D won them the SB. Maybe they will sign RGlll
  10. Disgraceful end. Team utterly melted on the big stage and was not ready for prime time. Disgraceful performance by the D, making Tyrod Taylor look like Roger Staubach. Rex embarrassed Bowles twice. It is truly the Same Old Jets. Pathetic. Nobody big enough to make a play in the 2nd half.
  11. This loss was on the vaunted defense. Repeated 3rd and longs were converted for first downs by Buffalo. Revis is no longer an island. Watkins owned him. We were beaten by Tyrod Taylor. Let me repeat....TYROD TAYLOR. Our defense had no answers for Tyrod Taylor. Fitzpatrick screwed up, but to me this game is on the porous non-big play defense.
  12. Fitzpatrick made a great throw and Enunwa gagged on it. Did he think the ball was not coming to him?
  13. Quigley is brutal. Another squandered opportunity against NE.
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