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  1. Who would have thought they would throw to #87? Is the D coordinator asleep?
  2. There is a surprise. Who would have thought they would throw to 87?
  3. 3 and out and another awesome punt by Quigley. This looks a lot like the Jets, 1-6 on Saturdays.
  4. Well let's hope that is done. The Cowboys have not sliced through many defenses this season. Their offense is offensive.
  5. Great defense. Todd Bowles a defensive coach. This is working out well.
  6. Just just off a plane from Europe at JFK. Watched most of this quarter. Here is what I have seen. An O-Line that blocks no one. A QB who cannot hit a 3 yard pass, a moron on IR who takes a 15 yard penalty and a defense that allows TD's on 5 yard passes. Did I miss anything?
  7. I am hoping for 40-3. Hate Rex, but hate the same old Jets more right now. Pathetic performance. All areas of the game.
  8. Well I should have stayed away. Allowing inferior teams to stay in games is maddening.
  9. 450 years and 3 long TD passes to the Raiders? Headed for that 8-8 record for sure.
  10. Another excellent start to a drive by DeBustashaw. Dude has been overrated since he was drafted.
  11. These guys should have not bothered getting on the plane. They clearly don't give a crap about playing this game.
  12. Daryl Lamonica has been reincarnated. The mad bomber against a defense that blows chunks.
  13. Geno IS garbage. The D is not much better. They got abused by the cheaters last week and now by the RaiDuhs this game.
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