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  1. Great onside kick, stupid play call and they cannot even spike the damn thing. Really, they are very creative in finding ways to lead us on and stab is in the heart.
  2. And that is true.....leaving guys wide open on 3rd and 17 is usually not a good plan. I wish they would just take a knee here. Beat the rush, they already surrendered in this quarter. Make it official for all to see.
  3. The NFL's top defense? Not in the 4th quarter. Really pathetic and embarrassing. No pressure on Brady all day. Twice a year, every year it is the same crap.
  4. That looked like a punt from a radio host, not an NFL punter.
  5. Freaking hysterical. Carter's response os priceless, but Berman holds it together.
  6. Nobody ever misses a field goal against us, and we never get a first down on 3rd and 1 by running.
  7. Rex "Mr. Discipline" Ryan and his horde of marauders. They are best at running their mouths. Playing the game......not so much.
  8. Did someone say that Fitz was accurate but could not throw the deep ball?
  9. Now we see why Fitzpatrick will win zippo with any NFL team. Makes dopey decisions and throws into double coverage way too much.
  10. 3rd and 10 against a secondary filled with practice squad players and you run a draw play? Srsly? Sure faked them out Chan. Doofus.
  11. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-9/Jets-Move-22-to-Reduce-Roster-to-53-Players/1685b2e1-6cb3-40ea-a4dc-44208a064466?campaign=tw
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