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  1. I am surprised that Rex even knew who Amaro was without consulting a program. Based on the performance of the Jets the past few years, I am betting Amaro was correct. A team without accountability plays just like the Jets. The same mistakes, the same mindless play, and so on. I am so happy that BS side show has moved on to Buffalo.
  2. Trade Geno to them for the #19 pick after taking Mariota?
  3. Rodney Harrison is a moron and has received far too much play here. That NBC is willing to hire him should be the bigger story.
  4. Emphysematic Lung color jerseys lined in black with black numbers.
  5. Nice. The corners have returned. So far, these folks are making all the right moves.
  6. I know this os good for the Jets and I don't give a crap about Woody's $, but it is flat-out strange.
  7. If this is how it plays out, I hope the Jets make the trade with the Eagles. Make the deal or take Marcus, IMO.
  8. Go back to the darker green with the green helmets.
  9. That play was the result of the typical hubris of Pete "The Poodle" Carroll. He always thinks he is smarter than everyone else. This time, he gave away the super bowl.
  10. Why on EARTH do you throw that there? That is absolutely the stupidest call ever.
  11. But cheating is not punished nor are there any warnings issued.
  12. If you're not cheating, you're not trying. Love, Bill and Tom
  13. Here is my question: What else are they doing that is illegal that no one has figured out yet?
  14. So we are to believe that the ultimate micro-manager knew nothing about the reason his team had such an exemplary record in cold weather games? Really?
  15. Ah did not have sexual relations with that young lady.....Miss Lewinsky. I never used performance enhancing drugs. Everyone's head expands as they grow older. It;s a natural part of the aging process. It was B12 he was injecting into my arse. I knew nothing about deflated footballs.
  16. The world's ultimate micro manager didn't know? BS. What a weasel this man is.
  17. There is a culture of corruption in Foxborough. No doubt that Goodell is working hard to cover this up and take care of his buddy Bob Kraft.
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