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  1. The New England Deflatriots. LOL. What a morally bankrupt organization.
  2. Can we all truly cope with the Jets not being a weekly clown show? Looks like we are about to find out.
  3. But for an idiot referee in the Notre Dame game, FSU is not in this game.
  4. Vince Young, Geno Smith, JaMarcus Russell, Jameis Winston. All that is missing is the peen pics.
  5. Winston't butt fumble equivalent. We will have him and Geno as our 2 QB's next year.
  6. 1. Rebuild the o-line 2. Fire all the scouts 3. Cut CJ, Harvin and Kyle wilson
  7. History proves, if Pats ain't cheatin' they ain't winnin'.
  8. Those were on his receivers and Mornigwheg, not on Geno. Geno is the second coming of Peyton Manning.
  9. See, they should have let Geno start all year. He would have developed into this degree of awesome 5 games ago. Stupid Vick.
  10. Geno is clearly THE MAN. No need to pick higher to get a QB. We have Geno.
  11. Wee, we get a worse draft pick but at least we found our QB of the future in Geno today.
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