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  1. We need an o-line and a d-line. We couldn't beat Florida Gators with the guys we have.
  2. What to the Jets and Notre Dame have in common? 1. Charlie Weis 2. No wins 3, Both teams O and D lines completely suck.
  3. In the immotal words of Micheal Ray Richardson........the ship be sinking. This game is over. Joe Willie Boller is simply too much for our defense.
  4. If it makes anyone feel better, the Chiefs suck. Losing 14-0 already. That's the game we have now due to Lightning in Denver.
  5. Good job Nugent. He is looking like a better draft pick than D'Bustashaw
  6. Man. We can't stop Kyle Boller? We are making him look like Dan Marino.
  7. OJ is trying to hire Belichick's cameraman to help him find the real killer.
  8. Salisbury is an idiot. An idiot, Pats loving loudmouth.
  9. Minimum 2 game suspension for Belichick, forfeit of round 1 and 3 draft picks.
  10. Word Association: USSR Olympic Basketball Team Sammy Sosa Mark McGuire Rafael Palmeiro Barry Bonds The New England Patriots The last one is the only cheating sanctioned and implemented by the TEAM MANAGEMENT
  11. Nobody pays attention to Fatso and Fruit Loops anymore. They are a joke.
  12. It's weasely, cheap and low, but I doubt it has anything to do with the Jets being crushed in this game. This is all Belichik. Look at all he has done to prevent Mangini from overcoming him.
  13. How about either one. Right now, it is the turnstile defense.
  14. Brick is a bust. We passed over numerous skill position players to take him. I don't see how this can be seen any other way. Kendall is surely laughing his *ss off this morning.
  15. I watched the game. Other than the fact that the Jets can't run block, Can't protect the passer, can't stop the run and can't get any pressure on the opposing QB...........it wasn't so bad. Mangold is a great choice..........much better than the guy the Jets took before him....D'Brickashaw "Lam Jones" Ferguson.
  16. D'Brickashaw Gallery? Brick sure gets lots of love and support here. I hope it is justified. Right now, he looks like a beanpole turnstile. Perhaps his success last year was due to Kendall?
  17. Overrated. We passed up prime time skill players to take him. He was not great last year, and worse than that so far this year. Thomas Jones might wish he was back with the Bears by the end of the first month.
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