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  1. Who did we pass on to pick the Brick? Awww, never mind.
  2. The Brick is overrated. Unfortunate, but true. No way Pennington survives this season. Kellen will get hos chance.
  3. Jets Yanks Rangers fan here. Used to love mocking Giants fans when I lived in NJ.
  4. WHAT??? I don't believe it? Must be a case of mistaken entourage identity.
  5. Fox is reporting that his body has been recovered in Lake Ponchartrain. RIP.
  6. Do you think he actually thought he could out-run the police? Did he think they were as lame as the Miami special teams? A wayward punch is one thing...........running from the cops escalates it significantly.
  7. Oops I did it again Caught firing up blunts Still out of the game I can't believe I got caught Bob Marley be damned He never got caught $20MM down the drain
  8. NFL.com also says 177 and 235 left. That's it.
  9. We have pick 177 and 235 left. That is a 6th and a 7th. That's it unless we trade players for picks.
  10. Gave up our 2nd, 3rd and 6th. Got Harris and GB's 7th.
  11. Any chance of snagging Brian Leonard from RU?
  12. I like this pick........a lot. It was expensive, but to get one of the top corners is a big win IMO.
  13. We need to find out who mumbles is taking at 24, then trade up to 23 and trump him.
  14. I am not the "expert" that some of you guys are, but Bowe is better than Ginn, and Jarrett also has an argument. The top 2 corners are still available. we should trade up and grab one of them.
  15. Ted Ginn. This is really funny. I am loving the Dolphin bashing. Time for the Jets to trade up and get a top flite corner.
  16. Whew, what a relief. I love Brady. Glad he is not going to Miami. Love to see the Dolphins blow it again.
  17. Miami going to get Quinn? I hope he is not another Brady.
  18. Will there still be another tackle or guard for us to take at 25?
  19. What a clown. Wait until he checks out the hoes from B'More. Here's betting the guy is writing child support chacks to 5 different women before his contract is up.
  20. The green pants are OK with the white jerseys. But the green pants should NEVER be worn with the green jerseys. That looks utterly stupid. If the green pants have to go altogether to ensure that the all green never happens again.....so be it.
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