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  1. No jumping on the sidelines this week, eh Billy?
  2. Indy is going to leave too much time for Brady.
  3. Yanking the guys lid clean off will draw attention to it.
  4. No doubt. He just grew in my eyes. I don't blame him for being pissed about their dancing on the Bolt doing the Merriman dance. Guess it wasn't enough for them to win the game. We saw the entire Belichick family on the sideline. The wife asked "where's the mistress?"
  5. "they showed no class.....doing the dance that Merriman does in the middle of our field, it made me angry. They have no class, and it starts with their coach" Good job LT. You got that right. Belichick is hugging his sons, his daughters, and the wife says "where's the mistress?"
  6. What is it about Marty Schottenheimer-coached teams? They sure do find creative ways to lose. Can't believe I might have to pull for Peyton Pisarcik.
  7. If we spend our #1 on another OL, I will lose my lunch. This team is generally devoid of playmakers. We need to draft a few.
  8. Nope. Too high a pick for the results we got.
  9. Belichick is in town visiting his girlfriend.
  10. If the guy gets blocked, we have no problem on that play. Tyr blocking.....it is usually a good thing for millionaire OL's to do.
  11. You can't expect Brick to pick that ball up. He had just finished allowing the guy in to block the pass. That was enough work for him on that play. You should not expect a high #1 pick to have that kind of game awareness. Let's not be too hard on the Brick. He is everyone's darling.
  12. No 3rd down defense either. Let's draft some moe OL's. No need for any playmakers.
  13. No such thing as moral victories. a 21 point loss. Not close. Good night now.
  14. Shows us up by putting Vinny in. Hugs Mangini whaen he wins. What a d*ckhead.
  15. Nice block Brick. The season ends on a pathetic sack during garbage time. Sorry, there is nothing positive about this performance, and we have to watch the #1 adulterous a-hole jumping around celebrating on the sidelines. Losing is one thing. This was not close in the second half. It is embarrassing.
  16. Yup. Same old Jets. Same blueprint. Next year the schedule will be much tougher. We will be fortunate to finish 8-8. Maybe we can blow our top draft picks on more OL's that cannot run block.
  17. No we look stupid. Nice pass Chad......our guys are wearing the white jerseys this game.
  18. Bottom line for this game........our vaunted offensive line cannot run block to save our lives. Our defense could not stop the Pats offense. They don't have an all-pro level receiver on their team, but we still were incapable of preventing them from marching down the field 3 times.
  19. Nice defense. Could the guy be any more open? After a great season, this performance is crap.
  20. This game is over. The defense cannot get the job done today.
  21. Nice in-game adjustments by Herm. No forst downs until late in the 3rd quarter?
  22. Feel sorry for the Dolphins? Bwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaa
  23. Another intelligent Patsies fan. This has to be their worst nightmare. Beaten by a noodle-armed QB, a team with no running game or defense. It will be sweet. Time to get this tickets for San Diego next week.
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