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  1. Belichick will be motivated. He needs the playoff bonuses to pay off his wife and take care of his mistress. Jets 24-21.
  2. Merry Christmas everyone. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets. What an amazing season so far.
  3. Leon is something. What a great run. Now, let's run 5 more plays for the TD and end this excruciating game.
  4. WTF was that? Isn't the kick returner creaming at the blockers to get away? For crying out loud.
  5. Nice play Justin Miller. Let's get the punt and run off some time.
  6. Where was the defense that entire series? The Dolphins and a rookie QB went through them like butter. The Dolphins defense is without Taylor, and THEY are still playing.
  7. Oh well. 8-8 will be OK for this year. Another choke in a big game. Same as it ever was.
  8. Lookout.....Lemon is starting to look like Doug Williams here.
  9. Wow, did you see the arm on Meadowlark Lemon? When did he go out for foootball? What happened to the Bucketeers? Oops, it just looked like a good arm compared to Chad.
  10. That was another idiotic spot. What gives with these clowns?
  11. Lots of people disguised as empty seats in this stadium. Nice fake, crappy pass. GREAT punt coverage.
  12. Now we get to see and endless parade of ex-Dolphin losers in faggy sportcoats? Come on ESPN.....
  13. What a crappy game. Another sack. We have seen games like this before. Right now we are choking on the bit.
  14. Brick with another LOOKOUT block, and another 3 and out. Chad looks like a total rag arm. He is going to get one of his teammates killed. Ronnie Brown looks like Gale Sayers.
  15. We need to run te ball. Give Leon a chance. He can't be any worse than the offense in the first 2 series.
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