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  1. Time to get started. Used to be that a season in which we beat the Dolphins twice was a success regardless of the overall record. Tonight this game is bigger than usual. Let's hear the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets chant early and often tonight.
  2. Not mine, but Karen Crouse in the Times. Giving up 3 sacks and 9 tackles, she mighte be right. Wonder if Brick has a stiff neck from watching Bills go past him.
  3. Don't tell me....let me guess. Competitive eating. Right?
  4. I think that going with Chad was the only option this year, once Mangini saw how bad Ramsey is. I would be surprised if they don't see him as a place holder for this year while Clemens learns. Once the Jets fall out of the playoff race, I am betting we will see some of Clemens. I also agree with the approach. Frankly, we have gotten more out of Chad so far this year than I ever thought we would.
  5. I think 3-3 and 8-8. I don't understand that a split of the last 2 games would not be acceptable to Jets fans. The game to be upset about was the Browns debacle. We are the only team that did not come back against them to win in the past decade. They choke every week. The Bears are a very good team. Games like thgis expose Chad's weaknesses, but there are not many defenses around as strong as the Bears.
  6. Ahh yes, the Fins are 0-2. It is a Beeeayoootifulll thing.
  7. The Lions should fare better next week when they play a more traditional early-season foe for them.......the awe-inspiring Youngstown State. I guess South Eastern Wyoming State College for the Blind was already busy. I will give them props for traveling to South Bend, although they probably agreed to the home and home 10 years ago when the Bob Davie coached Irish sucked.
  8. 41-17 loss equals Penn St. having their act together? What would the score havebeen if they didn't? The Nitanny Lions appear to suck.
  9. It was a dumb trade to begin with. JMac was overrated by the Jets. Now they are stuck with him, for at least another year. Real happy about Cotchery. I hope he gets most of the reps.
  10. He can't be cut due to the cap hit, right? Too bad, because that would be the best for all concerned.
  11. "Meet me at Gates Barbeque at 7:00. We'll do KC Masterpiece tomorrow, and Arthur Bryant's on Monday"
  12. Crud. I heard the same about his size and speed, and being a Monmouth County native myself (and doing radio of Hawks basketball long ago), I was hoping he would end up a Jet.
  13. I was unhappy about the lack of playmakers among our higher picks, and got ripped yesterday for being negative. However, these guys are new and do deserve a chance to pick their players and see where they go. Maybe a boring draft is a good thing, and maybe D'Brick won't morph into Robert Gallery or Dave Cadigan. Tangini get the benefit of the doubt from me. I still love NE's first 2 picks, though. Here's hoping this draft was day 1 of a Jets renaissance. I am very happy that the HERMinator is KC's problem now.
  14. No word on the WR's from Hofstra and Monmouth?
  15. Football columnust Michael Lev rated the draft. He geve the Jets an A-. Liked everything about their draft except the fact that they did not go for a RB in the first 3 rounds. He gave A's to Arizona and Philadelphia, a B to New England, and C- to Chicago and Washington.
  16. I was surprised to read comparisons of Clemens with Pennington. Especially the stuff about how weak his arm is. I mean, really. All this stuff about the "meadowlands tricky winds" and we pick up a weak-armed QB? I don't get it. Isn't that why we passed on Leinart? As for the last 2 picks......both are categorized as reaches. 3 Ohio State LB's were selected, and we passed on the 2 good ones. Oh well, we can continue to hope. Overall, with the high number of high choices available and all of the skill available in positions we are weak, WR, RB, QB, TE, and so on, we did not move on anyof those positions
  17. Bollinger had outstanding intangibles too.
  18. Go right ahead and single me out. Not everyone on this board is drinking the Tangini kool-aid. I take no offense. I have been called names before. I just think that the Jets are very weak on skill players, and when you suck and get high draft picks as a result, you should take advantage. They decided not to. Instead, they spent high picks on OL's. We'll see what happens. With Mawae gone, they still don't have any real good run blockers. They are going to a 3-4 without a nose tackle. They have an aging RB and nothing special at TE or WR. They passed over very highly regarded prospects in these areas all day. I hope it works out. I am not confident.
  19. D'Brick could equal Robert Gallery. No one is saying that he will be Orlando Pace. Meanwhile, the Pats got A LOT more skilled today. The Jets are going to be bad for quite awhile. Luckily, Buffalo is still in the division or we would be last for the next 5 years.
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