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  1. Yes, meaning we passed on Marino, and we passed on Leinert and Cutler. I hope that was a smart move. Not that I dislike Clemmens, I don't.
  2. 4. N.Y. Jets selects: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia Grade This is the worst pick of the draft so far. How can this team, with no star quarterback, pass on Matt Leinart? It's unreal. He would have been a star in New York with Eli Manning. Ferguson is overrated. He's not the next Walter Jones. D- from CBS Sportsline
  3. All this praisefor the first 2 picks, then we move up for Clemmens. What if Leinert or Cutler end up Marino's to our O'Brien again? What about the fact that Curtis is all we have at RB? How many studly receivers did we pass over? Overall, I am not impressed.
  4. Not taking Bush would be a mistake. The Jets should absolutely go and get him.
  5. Agreed. If there is a reasonable deal to be made to get Reggie, then get him. How much better will our QB look when we have a real RB to keep the defense honest.
  6. Someone needs to send him a copy of that old Cheech and Chong album. "Let's Make a Dope Deal." Behind door #2.......comissionser Paul Tagliabue.....you're busted.............
  7. Not too bright when Anaheim wants to build a stadium for the NFL
  8. Best post title in awhile. I am all for it, and as much as possible.
  9. After the deal T.O. got in Dallas, maybe he is going to go with Drew Rosenhaus. LOL! THAT would be a reason not to pick him.
  10. Plenty of cap room so we can sign our high first round pick. Question is, will it be a QB? Will Leigh Steinberg be making a huge commission from the Jets? Glad the Abe deal is done and he is now Atlanta's problem. Can't wait to see how many games he plays.
  11. That would appear to be the world of negotiations. Why shopuldn'tthe Jets get the best deal possible. Mort lives in Atlanta.........I would take his opinion with a grain of salt.
  12. If (a big if) the Falcs end up with Abe, keep your eye on him around the end of the season, especially if there is a roster bonus coming up. He refused to play in the playoffs because he was worried about his next contract. The Falcs management must know this. I will be glad when he is an ex-Jet.
  13. Ummmm, no. Fork over pick #15 or Schaub or find yourself another pro bowl DE. It is simple, really. After all, there are so many of them available.
  14. Screw Abe. He always has been a me first guy. His sitting on the sidelines during the playoffs 2 years ago tells you all you need to know about him. I am glad the Jets never invested in him long term. If he doesn't like Seattle and if Atlanta does not pony up....fine. Make him come back.
  15. Not impressed. Ramsey is a bust, and only better than Pennington because his arm is not hangling off like the Black Knight from the Holy Grail. If he gets wheeled for Schaub, then I will be impressed.
  16. Damn bleeding hemmorhoids............
  17. From Monmouth University. The guy is a sleeper.
  18. We'll probably take some unknown tight end at #4.
  19. Take the cap hit and get it over with. He has made big bucks, and should have no complaint. Time to move on.
  20. Cut Pennington, take the cap hit, and draft Cutler. Sign a vet to get us through the year.
  21. The Jets need a RB. Pick an OL later on. LenDale is the best optiuon with the #4 pick.
  22. Sounds like the Jets need to trade down. No OT is worth the #4 pick. Get an extra second, take a couple OL's and a RB.
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