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  1. Watched SB 3. Was a huge Joe Willie fan, to the consternation of my mother. Jets have been nothing but an occasional tease since. The most painful was the choke job in the AFC Championship in Denver.with Parcells. The second worst was the AFC Championship in Pittsburgh with Rex. The 3rd was the disaster in the mud of Miami with Joe Walton. What an amazing record of futility and incompetence. I am in the same boat as Ex-rex.
  2. Too many holes to fill anyway. The O line sucks, the secondary sucks, the WR's suck, the QB position is horrid. Drafted a high pick TE that can't block or tackle. What a festering, pus-filled gangrenous mess this club is.
  3. The Jets can be counted on to blow it, be it important ges ir draft picks.
  4. Great awareness by Geno there. Instead of giving up 7 points, he gave up only 2. That's a Pro Bowl level play.
  5. This game-another poster session for the NFL. I am surprised this is not the national broadcast 4:00 game.
  6. The thing is...........the Jets can't simply lose. They have to lose in the most incompetent, embarrassing fashion.
  7. It's like Rex knew there would be about 50,000 fans in the stands and half of them would be Miami fans. This is an extended middle finger.
  8. Jet games on Monday nights routinely set professional football back.
  9. Nah. I have had enough of Rex's act. I am sure he is a nice guy. I won't give a rip about him when he is gone.
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