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  1. And I thought having a foot fetish and letting other people **** your wife was bad...
  2. People forgetting about Schotty. He was the biggest problem with the offense back then, not Tannenbaum. Though you can definitely say Tanny gets some of the blame for never replacing him.
  3. Damn, I wish I had photoshop on this computer. I could make him one that looked sweet as hell. It would have a double M, for "Manish Mehta" with one "M" on top of the other inside a perfect circle. I'd don't know what colors I'd make it, or hard or soft edges, I'd have to mess around a little to see what worked best. It would look damn slick though. I suck at drawing circles freehand, but it would look something like this. http://sketchtoy.com/60110361
  4. Denver, KC, or Seattle and I'll be happy. Basically as long as NE, SD, or SF win, I'll be happy.
  5. Officials are god awful in every major sport, tbh.
  6. My favorite was always the empty backfield shotgun plays on 3rd-1, and I think maybe even on 4th and 1 a couple times if I haven't blocked them from memory yet.
  7. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/fans-wear-hernandez-prison-garb-pats-game-article-1.1449309
  8. Yeah, but how hard can Weight throw a water bottle at a woman's face?
  9. So really, I won the game when I hammered BG to avoid the random lynch?
  10. Hope that was sk or scum, otherwise, someone is getting ridiculed endlessly at the end of the game. I was 100% vetted and could prove it.
  11. I don't understand what anyone is doing this game.
  12. I should have known SMC was scum the minute I got a town vibe off him. Dude is dirty, the only way he can be clean is to pretend.
  13. vote:Hess He was around at the deadline and didn't vote BG.
  14. Someone would dunk on him and he would say they fell for his trap and that he knew they were going to dunk on him all along and that they only dunked on him because they feared him the most.
  15. Think Ape would be a good cherry picker. Plus there would be so much grab ass going on that no one on the other team would want to hold the ball long enough to have a defender "man-up" on him.
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