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  1. Damn, I wish I had photoshop on this computer. I could make him one that looked sweet as hell. It would have a double M, for "Manish Mehta" with one "M" on top of the other inside a perfect circle. I'd don't know what colors I'd make it, or hard or soft edges, I'd have to mess around a little to see what worked best. It would look damn slick though. I suck at drawing circles freehand, but it would look something like this. 



  2. Come on, every OC calls third down plays that has every single player stop short of the first, don't they?


    While this was a great example of one play, my favorite was always the repeated occurrence of having 2 or 3 WRs running theirs routes to the same spot on the field on any given play, making a throw to any one of them having the opportunity to played on by anywhere from 3 to 5 different DBs.


    My favorite was always the empty backfield shotgun plays on 3rd-1, and I think maybe even on 4th and 1 a couple times if I haven't blocked them from memory yet.

  3. He is a QB. His poise in the pocket is commendable, his command of the media respectable. He is a rookie and seeing this for the first time and hey we'll give him the time to develop....BUT with that said, you look around the league and it is VERY apparent that you dont need 4 years to figure out if someone is good. You dont need even two years. Every team punching their ticket into a divisional playoff and beyond has an ELITE qb. And by elite i mean that when they stepped into the league, people already knew they were good. The Mannings had int riddled rookie seasons but YOU KNEW they were gonna be good. When Brady first started you knew there was something about him. The new breed of QB is ready to play out of college, ready to win out of college, ready to lead out of college. i aint gonna stand for another 4 year waiting period, not with this defense. Honestly in this game you dont think Matt Sims couldve thrown 3 picks? Do you think Matt Simms couldve made a better pass? I know WR dropped the ball today but i also know that sometimes a more accurate passer helps the WRs. But i'm willing to give Geno his shot. People will say our receivers are terrible but everyone says a great QB makes receivers better...Look at tonight, the Pats have HORRIBLE receivers but he found a way to make it happen.... with one guy.



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