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  1. Sharrow is my favorite for scum btw. If I'm remembering incorrectly I apologize but I thought he came in during the gladiator challenge and commented in a neutral way and then left without voting? It seemed strange to me. Even though I agreed with what he said because I thought neither reveal made sense, it was odd that he wasn't more decisive in which would be the better choice.

    Or I'm making this up, I might be remembering incorrectly, lol.


    You're remembering it right. I didn't know which way to go at the time, so I didn't go either way. I wasn't around when CTM showed his ass.

  2. He apparently is just a spectator. Hasn't lifted a finger to figure out anything.


    Tbh, it's hard to figure anything out with the way you've muddied everything up. That said, if CTM were normal mafia, the game would be pretty clear right now. I'd have scum narrowed down to six players at this point. Him being a traitor changes everything though depending on how he played in the scum QT.


    As it is, a lot also hinges on your alignment. CTM claiming miller was weird considering his role. You'd think he'd want to reveal something more desirable than that. The three possibilities that come to my mind are either he was just being lazy, he was planning on revealing miller the next time he was scum no matter what, or it was a gamble play to pit himself up against a teammate (you) right from the start to try to gain some significant credibility. That said, I already mentioned how dumb your role would be for a scum role, imo.


    So from my pov, I'm dealing with multiple perspectives, which makes things a lot more difficult for me.


    Assuming you're town and scum was playing without any knowledge or hint of CTM's role, my sh*t list is Leelou, Verb, Crusher, AVM, Hess, and Wombat.

  3. What the heck man? The one thing you were good at, you aren't good at anymore!!! Now what?



    This doesn't surprise me either. CTM tanking a scum traitor role on the first lynch. Nolder killing the doc at the first opening. The only thing missing is 80 investigating the Godfather on the first night to be the worst trifecta of sh*tty play in the history of JN Mafia.

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  4. FOS Sharrow.  Town Sharrow would have been all over this being a terrible move.


    Don't listen to these fools. It was a good move. A quick Smash train would have been worthless. He played so bad yesterday, he was an obvious lynch. Anyone and everyone would have voted for him. He might have even been killed before you could give your result on him. And if he even got to reveal, he could have revealed an important role or even one that was so stupid it could get him lynched.

  5. Normally I don't need an excuse to vote Verbal since I always want him dead, but considering he was on paternity leave late last week and into the weekend I don't think we can look at his lack of voting in this instance as scummy.


    The late CTM voters are an interesting pool and of those I'd go Wbat.  IIRC, he went after Ape first when the voting was neck and neck and then when the tide turned against CTM, he voted him.  I also believe he did the "I think both are town but ..." as a sort of vote hedger. 


    Vote: WWWombat


    Weird game. First CTM gets thoroughly outplayed by the Ape, shaming himself. And now I'm getting a town vibe from SMC.



    I was planning on voting Smash or Wombat today. I think 80 actually might have made a good play revealing that result since I'm assuming most people thought Smash was scum. It was either do it now or wait for him to reveal first and then do it.


    Anyway, Wombat was pushing the Ape train even after he had voted for him. Didn't seem that cut-and-dry to me to be doing that when he did, so it pinged.



  6. Oh man, the way the forum allows you to quote people now SUCKS.


    It doesn't show who you quoted, or have that little grey circular arrow that jumps back to where the post was originally made. 


    Wow is that going to suck for mafia play.


    EDIT: Weird, those things just showed up after a delay. That was strange. The arrow moved to the far right. Name is there. 


    Everyone else sees them instantly. Your brain is just slower than everyone else's at perceiving what your eyes are showing it.

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