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  1. Just trying to think this through if I had Ape's role as scum I'd maybe use it differently. Try and catch a cop or doc in this challenge. If scum I think as a team the decision would be cleaner. Plus no one really seems to be helping him so much. I actually think they're both town... Hmm

    This would actually be a pretty shitty role for scum. They couldn't challenge a cop or doc because they would lose and be lynched. And they can't really challenge any townie that hasn't revealed, because they could reveal something valuable and make the choice easy for the town. The options would be very limited and very risky, imo.

  2. More butthurt than logic. You are pinging.

    I wasn't getting at my case on him, I was getting at the illogical decision to leave the Miller alive. I wanted you to weigh in on his decision making, irrelevant of my thoughts.

    Instead you turn my question and suspicion of him back around on me. LOL, doesn't do much to make me feel good about either of you idiots.

    Miller claim is a very logical lynch on D1, after potentially outing the Cop. Only way you can be vetted is by death or Lie Detector, and I for one do not support the LD outing themselves to save you, especially if 80 remains uncountered.

    I ask you all this... are... you... not... . ENTERTAINED???

    The Miller claim is no good. Free ticket to ride, imo. CTM's lynch can prove informative. We've already outed our Cop, apparently... and I advise we delay any further reveals in order to allow our Doc to stay hidden and protect the Cop at least once so we get a viewing. So, with that said .... CHALLENGE ISSUED!!!

    Noodle dancing Glenn (Miller) vs. Chest thumping Ape (1-time Gladiator)

    Let's do this... pussies. I have little doubt that Smash wasn't just distance voting CTM in the way where it could be sold as a serious vote or joke vote depending on the situations he might face later in game.

    I say again... ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???


    We just ran up our Cop, we've had competing trains between you and Darthe and 80, I have advocated competing trains in that regard, hell I put my vote on you because your train took lead and I wanted your reveal. You should fact check before accusing.

    The long and short of it is that 80 is uncountered. It's better to not push anyone else to reveal, give 80 a chance to view someone and report to us, and then move forward. Keep the Doc hidden, remove the anti-town Miller.

    Seems fairly logical.

    Sad that all you can do in return is OMGUS case me back. LOL in your face.

    Follow-through thoughts on my decision to challenge CTM.

    I have to use my action by D3. Since 80 is out in the open as uncountered Cop, if he gives us a guilty, we'll obviously lynch scum. If the Doc is outed and either he or 80 killed before 80 can give us a scum viewing, then I wouldn't want to use my challenge without guidance from Cop. So, using my ability to take out Miller now is best course of action that I see.

    Plus, CTM's coroner report will now be the most informative thing we can take from D1. That part is a no brainer.

    The thing about 80's reveal pinged me too, tbh. You mentioned it 4 times in 15 minutes. To me, it looked like a scum move to try to either make 80 commit to really being the cop, or to solidify the idea that he really did claim cop, maybe even forcing the real cop out if it's an impulsive player and 80 wasn't serious about the reveal.

    That said, if this gladiator thing is legit, I assume that we should see something official from Pac tomorrow about it.


  3. It might not be true, but I heard chris pine is gay too (not openly). They would make a really adorable couple, although I do love zachary quinto and jonathan groff together.

    Good to see Ape & CTM are getting back to their old homoerotic hate/hate relationship. I was starting to get worried for a minute there.

    It might not be true, but I heard JIF is gay too (not openly). They would make a really adorable couple, although I do love CTM and Ape together.

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  4. I sent you a role PM.. I'm looking at it.

    I'll send it again you disgusting beast.

    EDIT: actually I sent it to your alter ego that we used for the imposter game hahha..

    I deleted it and it wasn't read so if someone remembers that pw etc it won't matter.

    They could have the PMs sent to their email. Vic was the one imitating Crusher that game though, so it still doesn't matter.

  5. **** Jim Harbaugh. He's the only reason I couldn't care less about the Ravens winning; because I hate him as much as Ray Lewis. Blaming the refs for the loss after they don't give him a call for it at the end, after he was bitching and whining at them constantly the entire game for every little thing. That was more pathetic than anything I've seen Rex do. And that's saying something. They lost in part because him and his staff got outcoached. They basically had the win on a silver platter and f'd it up. And they would have gotten blown out if not for the blackout. He's no better than Rex. He just has a better team.

    His brother on the other hand...

  6. I wouldn't even say Flacco has proven to be elite at this point. He just went into beast mode during the playoffs. Sure they were the most important games of his season, but it was just 4 games. That's just 1/4 of a season. 1/5 of a season if you include the playoffs. Let's see him do it more consistently during the regular season before he joins the tier of the ones who have.

    That said, he moved up from the JAG tier at the kid's table & is eating with the grown ups now.

  7. Btw, I had a great fake reveal that I never got to use. As well as claiming the fake-PR I was doing as real, I was going to say that as Holmes I would be forced to quit the game (die) if certain conditions were met. Then when forced to reveal the conditions, I would have said that if all the town power roles were killed, I would quit. It would have been awesome.

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  8. At that point, I think we were more concerned with Cult having a cake-walk to end game, and also having our NK blocked.

    Was I the only one not fooled by that? I knew Crusher was shooting me the whole time, especially when he posted "B.I.B." in response to JIF, "Batman is Back" as a response to JIF after JIF told him "shoot Ape". I thought it was obvious. Hence the theatrical exit.

    So you knew you were getting shot but chose not to roleblock him anyway?

  9. Had a lot of fun this game. I knew it would be pretty tough, but I'm happy with how it went. If we had just 2 kills this game, we might have won. Or if scum wasn't so incompetent with theirs.

    Doc outed on the first day? Check

    Roleblocker on the team? Check

    Any pair of nuts or brains on the team? I knew AVM forgot something

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