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  1. Gotta say that Gato looks pretty bad in this thread. How can you let chowds get the best of you like that? You're embarrassing our fan base again. Wade Davis would have fit in well on the Pirates' squads of the last 20 years though.

  2. The arguing back and forth is a waste of time.

    It's all been argued before. The only thing that needs to be said when those Super Bowls are brought up is:


    The conversation is over at that point. Everything else is excuses for the Pats or for the whole league however you look at it. If you are among those who say "everyone did it", then the Lance Armstrong thing is a decent analogy. The Pats are the Lance Armstrong of the NFL at that point. Except they don't have any balls.

  3. “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” – Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

    If Shakespeare were alive today he undoubtedly would know how unfinished that was. It’s true – some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others DO have it thrust upon them…but he left off one thing: then there’s Sharrow…all three at the same time.

    Greatest catch in Super Bowl history. Unarguably the greatest player in Super Bowl history. He inspired George Washington and the Revolutionary troops against the British Empire before he was born.

    Greatness in human form…Sharrow.

    Sadly, people sometimes become jealous of greatness. Eventually some had reached their breaking point…and when Sharrow spent his end of the day mandatory 30 minute admiration of himself in the full sized mirror, that was when he was struck.

    If only he wasn’t so focused on himself in the mirror he would have seen the man walk up behind him. If only he listened to someone other than himself he would have heard the man behind him drop all his beans on the ground. Instead, he took his calculator and viciously beat Sharrows skull in.


    Sharrow, Santonio Holmes, Cult Leader with 2 time convert ability, is dead.

    Just moments earlier, though, Sharrow had approached another in the locker room.

    “We’ve got a group that wants to overthrow these jokers. We think things need to change…how about you? You in?”

    And of course…he was.

    It is now Day 5.


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  4. Sharrow is hysterical and really good at this. LOL

    This is the best post of the game right here. I can't believe I didn't make it first.

    Smash is a good lynch for tomorrow, I think.

    Also, not sure if scum would have started with 5 members that had powers. If Wombat and Verbal are both telling the truth, they would have some kind of vote controlling power and a roleblocker left. One or both of them is probably lying. Probably Verb.

    I assumed 4 scum to start with the SK. I suppose AVM could have randomed me as a townie and then tried to balance that out by changing his setup and giving scum an extra member. He should have given them two extra.

    Unfortunately, I'll be gone again today. Going up to Buffalo to see a show. I'll probably be back around 2-3 AM.

    Luckily, I've been able to carry this team despite not being in the game for every down. My leadership is that good.

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  5. Would if I could. Alas, I'm just a punter.

    Can they be intercepted? Run back for TD's?

    Yeah, can you "punt the ball" to people at night? Have a % chance to kick it for a touchback or out of bounds and it be ineffective? But if you die at night, it's a blocked punt and we lose a day (field position)?

    I'm great at returning punts among other things, like everything for example.

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  6. I'll go with HeavyFog too.


    No kill from the SK last night means he likely missed out on his kill the day before & I think he was the only one not around during that time. At least get a reveal from him. Like I said, I'll be back late tonight.

    My pick for scum would be Smash. I think they planned on pushing me as SK today and both just happened to post it at the same time. They should have known they were no match for me just like everyone else.

    You can't touch this.

  7. Meh, someone is lying, whether it's the Ape or Wombat. RB doesn't make sense, imo. Neither does Sanchez as town.I don't think Ape would reveal as Sanchez if he were Pennington. Would be too easy for the real Sanchez to take him out when it suited him. But I don't think scum would have multiple powers that prevented investigations from working on them.

    I hate all the fake reveals in this game. Nothing good has come from any of them, imo. They've just clouded the water.

    Was hoping to see the scene and get some thoughts in, but I'm not going to be around until later tonight. I will probably be the only one on the team with enough skill and God-given talent to make sense of this game, so I guess you all might as well take the day off until I return.

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  8. My infinite wisdom and skill says you should Joe Theisman the Ape with a safety blitz.

    If he was town, why would he even reveal the extra night/day skip thing while not knowing what other roles scum has and knowing that most of our power roles are dead? Adding an investigation role on top is just asking to be night killed by scum or the SK anyway. If it's true, there's no way he's making it to end game with two killers in the game, so we would end up losing a day anyway. So what's the point of surviving another night? Why not just reveal the "attempting a pass" and the gimped lynch parts? He wouldn't have even have to mention the investigative role. That would be easily vetted by "throwing a pass" to JIF or Leelou tonight. A townie would probably look to that first in their defense, but unless I've missed it, he's made no mention of using it to vet himself.

    I could always investigate the Ape. Force them to roleblock or kill me.

    How can they have a roleblocker if Leelou is still alive?

  9. You're the best. If I had my way, Nolder would be carrying equipment for you. Like a squire or something.

    I don't want Nolder handling my equipment.

    Anyway, regarding Ape, since I am in fact the best, I'll clear this up.

    I don't doubt his reveal at all. It makes Perfect sense... as scum.

    Cutting the real Sanchez hurts us next year with the cap hits. As cutting Sanchez in the game may hurt us with losing a day. Unfortunately, there's no way around it if he's telling the truth. The only way for us to get better is to get a new QB. Kill the model.

  10. You AHOLE..

    I wanted my theme for next game to be kept under wraps.. now they'll think you inspired me..

    that's right ladies.. next game is Karate Kid Mafia.

    Bullsh*t, I did inspire it. Glad I could help. Sounds like a good theme. It would be sh*t without me though, just like this team.

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  11. Yeah, I don't buy it either. Sounds like he wasted a teammate's sweet fake reveal to me. He'd have pulled it off if he were as good as me.

    Hopefully, the quick lynch avoided a day kill.

    theme possibility #2 -

    I'd have beaten the sh*t out Daniel-san

  12. I think Wombat might have caught the Ape there with the knowing he wasn't investigated thing. I think we should get a reveal out of him at least. Then Crusher can shoot him tonight if it stinks.

    Btw, I'm changing my theme song for this game. Mulling over the possibilities. Enter Sandman doesn't showcase my greatness enough. Maybe this

  13. yeah, I'm not sure why it keeps doing it - i have to go back and edit out all the html tags, lame

    I copy/paste from my previous counts, it shouldn't be an issue, i've always done it that way

    Did you consider the possibility that you're dumb.

    I would never screw up anything like that.

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