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  1. Another restless night consumed Lincoln County. The war was in full throttle. Nobody was safe. Not even visitors in your dreams. Sound asleep, one of the Regulators was visited by an unknown person. What was strange about this visit is this Regulator was known for visiting people in their dreams. A regular old Sandman if you will. He was a quiet leader to a fault so much so many questioned if he was even a part of the regime, but a trusted man of Tunstal would never turn his back on the Regulators. Too bad he was shot in the back by someone else.

    Sharrow, aka Sandman, Richard "Dick" Brewer, Roleless town has been shot:


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  2. Is it wrong that I knew I wasn't on the roster list and exploited it?

    I actually had some things to say this game, it probably would have been one of my more active day 1-2. Ape demanding all of Slats' attention preventing me from getting a read on him, Lynch-Nolder-Wednesday reminding me of Don't-Lynch-Sharrow-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday, the hot air about Nolder's meta letting the non-goofy folks jump on his train, Vic getting back to going after low hanging inactive fruit on day 1, Hess playing the no PM card again, wombat covering his ass and going in every direction, a certain player hiding something, leelou being overdefensive but catching Pac on the symp thing.

    I could have voted for half the game, but I had to stick to my plan of hammering out of the shadows the first chance I got.

    If I had to pick out a third of the field,

    SMC, Vic, Wombat probably scum and maybe 1 or 2 of Hess, Lily, Slats.

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  3. We had the win locked up. SMC bent his rules for Cindy, allowing her to indeed pull a fast one on our whole crew, I gave her props for a coy move, but then informed her she had no win condition and told her I could help her get recruited to ensure she win - and she went **** nuts on me. SMC also seeded doubt within the crew I built so we got paranoid and betrayed each other. Essentially we pragmatically set ourselves up for a win, and a little bastard modding was employed to spice things up and get SMC the drama he wanted for his final game.

    I was actually cool with what Cindy did, it was her going ****ing crazy on me that warranted giving her the abuse she was begging for, so she could play victim. Anyway... yeah... ****ing sh*t show.

    Lol, so you got caught with your pants down more than once. A touch of bastard modding is par for the course in an SMC game, you should have expected it.

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  4. I saw SMC's pat himself on the back thread, but I didn't read the last game. I have no idea what really happened, or anything about the rules, but what little I read, it seemed like Cindy pulled a fast one on the Ape and cost him the game. Is that right? If so, it sounds like it was an awesome game. Is that what happened?

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  5. 80 deserved to die either way. Even if he did take a shot last night, his first thought should have been that he tried to shoot the doc and he should have kept that to himself the next day instead of trying to use it to save his ass and drive a lynch.

    I been waitin to put him down for two days.

  6. I'm 93% certain Sharrow is still scum this game.

    Unfortunately, I won't be around tonight to blind hammer anybody near the deadline. Makes me sad. I was hoping it could have happened yesterday, but no one had the balls to put someone at L1.

  7. The guy I really want to vote is Hess...makes the most sense on the re-read...unvote, vote Hess.

    Could also vote Heavy Fog, AVM, or Vic.

    Get busy living or get busy dying.

    I always thought Hess was the one that made the least sense. In fact, he never makes any sense.

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  8. Then why is a team like KC picking up arms left and right? Or Toronto going on a spending spree? That is a serious question.

    I know MLB has a new TV deal that will kick in 2014 I believe. Maybe the Royals and Jays are spending on future earning, which is a nice change.

    The Pirates have a new stadium and a halfway decent team. Spend a couple of bucks to win 3 more games.

    Toronto isn't a small market. And using KC as an example only proves my point. They aren't doing anything the Pirates aren't/haven't. They aren't paying any bullpen arms $7 million. If they had spent $7 million on a closer, they wouldn't have been able to afford to overpay all those starting pitchers. Just like if the Pirates had spent $7 million on Hanrahan, they wouldn't have been able to afford to overpay Martin and Liriano. Who is KC's highest paid relief pitcher?

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