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  1. What a sh*tty article. Obviously no one disagrees with the premise; nobody here ever thought the extension was a good idea. But how can you write an article with a title saying that statisticians didn't like the Sanchez extension and then not include any pre-2012 stats except for his TD/Int numbers in 2009 and 2010 and dropped interceptions in 2010? What about his sh*tty play in 2011? I wanted to actually see a bunch of stats showing how bad he was before this year, and instead, there's nothing there that every Jets fan doesn't already know.

  2. Tim's only mistake was choosing to go to your organization. Fact is, your organization is the worst in all of sports and Tebow went there to try and help your evil ways, but you denied him. I guess Tebow wasn't Namath, an alcoholic looking to bang any woman with a pulse. I guess he wasn't Sanchez, a man that has sex with underaged women. Tebow was never given an opportunity and that is a complete failure on your part. So Sanchez sucks a golf ball through a hose and you decide to start Mcelroy, who puts up one of the worst performances in football history. I am actually glad Tebow didn't start, I don't want him to risk injury playing for this sad sap organization. Tim Tebow will move on and be successful. The Jets will be horrid for a long, long time.


    Oh please. What a lie. Tebow was given plenty of opportunities to have sex with underage women. It's not our fault he didn't capitalize.

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  3. I'm guessing Tanny was basically in Rex's ear every week and whenever possible trying to make sure Sanchez started. The extension is really the problem for Tanny and what really chains him to Sanchez. The only way he could have saved face on that is if Sanchez finished the year strong against weak competition and gave even an ounce of hope for him starting next year, whether they made the playoffs or not. And Rex might have wanted to go along with it to salvage any chance of competing in 2013.

  4. I find the people calling him a murderer/killer to be kind of ridiculous and a bit over-dramatic. It's not like he killed some innocent bystander that was walking the streets or driving in another car. As far as I'm concerned, it's just as much the kid that died's fault as it was Brent's; and even moreso if he was sober and let the drunk guy drive. I'm guessing they were both too drunk to drive though, so it was both of their fault.

    Ben is 100x worse of a person/criminal, imo.

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  5. I think I would know which is more embarrassing between the Pirates and Jets. It's the Jets. And it's not close. The Pirates have even had a pretty embarrassing year with the 2nd consecutive collapse, being no hit, & the hoka hey thing. The Jets have already eclipsed all of that. MLB isn't a level playing field like the NFL so the Pirates have an excuse for the last 20 years. The Jets don't.


    5 championships > 1

    Clemente > Namath

    PNC > MetLife/Giants

    Nutting (sucks horribly & tries to stay private) > Woody (sucks horribly & tries to stay public)

    Not talking sh*t and losing > Talking sh*t and losing

    Kendall extension > Sanchez extension

    "the best management team in baseball" > "best team in the nfl"

    Doc Ellis no hitter on LSD > Monday Night Miracle

    Mazeroski's world series HR > Namath's guarantee

    Honus Wagner > Revis

    Michael Keaton ripping the team > Namath/D.Woody/Jenkis/Tomlinson/etc.etc.etc. ripping the team

    Raising ticket prices after 100 loss season > PSLs

    Salary dump trade busts > famous draft busts

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  6. Anyway, Manning's a good QB, but his team winning 2 super bowls doesn't magically make him a better QB or as good as the elite QB's in the league. The Giants won despite him in the 2007 SB. He threw a pick in the red zone, almost lost 2 fumbles, and got bailed out by Tyree and his defense. And in the SB last year, swap the Giants defense with the swiss cheese NE defense and it would have been a massacre of epic proportions; it would have been a blow out. Everyone would have quit watching at halftime.

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