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  1. I've given Sanchez the benefit of the doubt since he was drafted. He showed a ton of potential in his first 2 seasons; he could have been a very good QB. But he's not, and he's not going to be. Whoever's fault it is- Schotty, Rex, his own, the O-line, receivers who can't catch, whoever, it doesn't matter. The fact is, he's done. He's not getting any better, and he won't on this team in this city. It's just not going to happen.

    It couldn't hurt to bench Sanchez & see what happens. He already sucks as much as he ever has. Hell, maybe he'll respond to it. I doubt it, but who knows? Even if Tebow sucks and we all know that won't win with him. It doesn't matter, something needs to change.

  2. Do any of you guys still even get upset watching this joke of an NFL franchise anymore? Has it gotten to the point of almost like watching a comedy for you? You almost sit there half hoping for the next most pitiful thing to happen just to see if it will-and usually does...

    Unfortunately, yes. When it starts becoming clear that they're going to lose, I find myself hoping they get embarrassed even more. I don't even do that when I'm rooting for the Pirates.

  3. It wasn't really a no hitter with a legitimate hit that was scored as an error. Great pitching though. Just one of the final nails in the Pirates coffin this year. Really a pathetic end of the season for the bucs. 2nd late season collapse in as many years.

    I wouldn't mind if the Reds won it all. Think I'll be rooting for Baltimore though, or Leyland and Detroit.

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