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  1. Might not be as apparent on TV, but in person they were woeful in moving the pace of the game-making calls, setting the ball, making decisions. And again you had a Seahawks/Cards game that might decide an NFC wildcard that allowed one team to have 4 timeouts in a close game. The NFL is merely lucky the Seahawks could not take advantage.

    No different than when the real refs let the Pats have 5 downs that one time, or did that happen twice?

  2. It wasn't completely terrible. It wasn't very effective, but none of the running game was tbh. They got 3-4 yards on most of the plays. They never used it on 3rd down, and only on 2nd and 6 once. I kind of like that strategy. Maybe if they get it going later in the season it can be used in more important situations, but for now just try to mix things up and not let it put Sanchez in a hole for 3rd downs.

  3. Smash cried and snorted in distress as the rope slipped out of his mouth and around his neck. His eyes opened wide in utter terror as the fat and sweaty man that had rode him for the day dismounted and gave him a smack on the ass to get him moving. And move he did. Smash just wanted to get away so badly that he ran right off a cliff, smashing into the jagged rocks below.

    Smashmouth, The (Powerless) Horse, has been lynched

    Hahaha, smashing cause of smashmouth. I get it.

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  4. Btw, I had an idea for a Jaws game a year or two ago, but didn't think it would work right so I gave it up. It would have been different groups of players on different boats, and a group of players as the shark. And the scum shark team would be given some kind of information about each boat and would attack boats instead of specific players, and all of the players on the attacked boat would die. And there would be one player as a lone helpless swimming child for the lulz.

  5. Gotta ****ing love it. Sharrow is at L-1 and all Ape can blather on about is the same ****ing nonsense he has been from moment one regarding CTM. This really, really better be some sort of PR or role causing this, otherwise this is just getting sad.

    As far as Sharrow's claim goes. Not exactly sure how it fits into the game and as others have said, it's a nice, convenient option as a fake claim. Not to mention, Sharrow's last post, which was essentially a "goodbye" post, sounded a bit too corny and contrived for his tastes, so it's certainly not doing much to help convince me he's town. That said, Pac said he's going to be gone for a while anyway, so might as well let some of the other people who haven't seen it yet come back and chime in before dropping a hammer. Last thing I want to hear is that same old bullsh*t from someone trying to cover their ass if Sharrow flips town about how they would have unvoted and all that crap.

    ^ scum that doesn't want to hammer

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