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  1. 124 wrote: I'm sick of just saying this off the board but if PatsFanTX can be banned, why can't 5180 be banned? He throws around personal insults plenty and just makes the intelligence level of this board fall drastically. __________________
  2. Yes indeed and they also gave big $$$$ to Chris Baker a WASTE and Bubba Franks another waste. I never criticized Keller or the pick.Keller is much better used as a slot WR imagine that with Winslow at TE. Oh and calling me a dumb**** is criticism you hypocrite.
  3. Originally Posted by 4HCrew The only coward is some jerkoff that sits behind the keyboard, is unable to keep a discussion when proven wrong, and tends to repeat himself. I understand Ed is your idol and you break into tears when someone GASP questions his motives. Just go to the shrine you have in your bathroom and kiss your dolls and one day when you get your season ticket backs you can cheer with him in person. 124 and BP Put me on IGNORE otherwise STFU. With friends like you guys who needs enemies.MANY agreed with me on this one.
  4. I will repeat and mostly for you. I mentioned about 9/11 because Ed was/is a fireman. If it were near 9/11 you would have way different feelings for the man as many did for anyone involved victims,police,fire,employees,rescue you name it.AT NO TIME DID I MOCK OR DISCREDIT OR RIDICULE 9/11 IN ANY WAY.You put that spin on it to win an argument. If your tailgating buddies knew your true colors you would be a lonely man on gameday. Respect Ed for the person he is and what he does at NYJETS games.I have not seen ANYONE fill his shoes as of yet. You know this I know this and the NYJETS know this.
  5. Kellen Winslow and Brady Quinn 2 guys I said I wouldnt mind being NYJETS. EAT CROW doubters and ridiculers.
  6. More nonsense spoken...ALCOHOL induced im sure.
  7. That all depends I had my TV installed by a major electronic big box store.They didnt supply or install the cable.I assumed they did.When I questioned it they blamed an oversight. Im sure many dont have the HDMI cable.But what do I know.You are the expert on everything I post.
  8. Quietly getting the job done.
  9. Spoken like a true fast food employee.
  10. My neighbor goes out and buys a similiar LCD-TV like the one I own. He calls me over before dinner and says.Im taking it back the picture sucks its nowhere near as clear and true as yours. His wife and kids are also disapointed. I look over the manual 1080p take a look at the set and tell him I will be right back. I head home for an HDMI cable as he had it hooked up with a regular cable tv wire coming out of the box. I return and he asks whats that I reply a magic cable. So I hook it up into his cable box and into the tv,go to menu change the input and he now has HD-TV. A reminder for anyone with an HDTV and a convertor box without the HDMI cable you dont have TRUE 1080P HDTV.
  11. Another great post.Why some choose to criticize Fireman Ed is beyond me and cowardly to say the least.
  12. http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2008/11/former_raiders_cb_hall_goes_un.html
  13. I forfeited my season tickets prior to this year. I had 2 seats in the lower section from a friend for 5 years.Then acquired 4 of my own waiting on the list.I had them for 14 years.Affordability was an issue and the ineviteable PSL fee was the clincher. I can acquire seats to any home game home game through friends or Stubhub.I did put my name back on the waitnig list as a wait and see option and for speculation purposes.
  14. Then do the COWARDLY thing like most internet trolls like yourself do and put me on IGNORE.
  15. And I SAID and MEANT after 9/11 Fireman Ed was a GOD to guys like you and me now to you hes **** because of what?????????? Back up your statements or STFU already.You are tasteful and disrespectful. MR What have you done for me lately. NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE.
  16. I agree but bashing a guy who happens to be FDNY over his opinions and feelings.Theres always 2 sides to every story.I thought for years Ed had carte blanche in the stadium.After seeing him doing commercials and endorsements.It looks like the NYJETS have even been screwing him all these years.
  17. They werent meant to be in actuality.I was reminding some others of how feelings are lost for certain people.They mocked Ed for being a fireman present time.And I used the 9/11 reference to remind them of who and what Fireman Ed is and was. NO OFFENSE meant. These guys do nothing but mock and ridicule and criticize.If it isnt their opinion,thought or feelings they consider it mockable.
  18. Where did I say that?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  19. 124 Is that from your family photo album.
  20. Just like your criticism of my posts.Look in the mirror.
  21. Nice comeback...............Its NYJETS fans like you that ruin it for everyone else!
  22. Brady Quinn is gonna make the NYJETS sorry they passed him up on draft day.
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