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  1. Kevin Patullo QB Coach

    Galac has been with the Jets since 2012, Cool name but not new to the Jets...
  2. Who is our least bad QB?

    Should give McElroy a shot, see what he can do over next few games.....
  3. Manning expects to play

    So we can be front runners in AFC east until Payton gets hurt......
  4. Manning expects to play

    Already went through this with Favre.....what did that do for the Jets???? Nothing..............
  5. Plax Wanted To Be A Giant NOT A Jet

    Theres the door Plax.....go join Jacobs , look for someone to sign you!!
  6. It's baaack! 09 QB Poll

    Gotta go with Ratliff.....see what he can do.....
  7. I would like to see them wear the 80's/early 90's Uniforms a couple games a year............

    Time for Clemens....see what the kid can do. We need to spread the field, get some down field passing to open up the running game.
  9. Klecko Hall of Fame

    I Agree Klecko belongs in the HOF!!!
  10. What razor do you use?

    Gillette Mach III
  11. My vote goes to Charlie Whitehurst......
  12. Best Jet QB Of All Time ?

    I gotta go with Richard Todd
  13. I agree, would be a nice addition to the JETS
  14. Jets News Briefs 03-21-06

    Chatman....signed with the Bengals