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  1. 1. It rid us of Pennington

    2. We were 8-3 until Favre got hurt. And that was without Rex Ryan's defense. We'll never be the top team in the AFC with Sanchez, but we were at least for a week with Favre.

    So we can be front runners in AFC east until Payton gets hurt......

  2. Putzier out of TE running

    Updated: March 20, 2006, 11:47 PM ET

    Texans expand TE opportunities by adding PutzierBy Len Pasquarelli


    The Houston Texans, who have rarely thrown the ball to the tight end the past two seasons, on Monday evening found an excuse to start doing so again.

    ESPN.com learned that the Texans have reached agreement with free agent tight end Jeb Putzier, who was released by the Denver Broncos for salary cap reasons two weeks ago, on a four-year contract. The deal is worth $7.5 million and includes a signing bonus of $1.85 million.

    Jeb Putzier

    Tight End

    Denver Broncos



    Rec Yds TD Avg Long YAC

    37 481 0 13.0 32 224

    Putzier, 27, will be reunited in Houston with first-year head coach Gary Kubiak, who was his offensive coordinator in Denver, and who pushed hard for the Texans to sign the four-year veteran. Putzier had drawn interest from several other teams, including the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles after his release. The Jets had actually signed him to a restricted free agent offer sheet last spring, but the Broncos matched it and retained him.

    A former Boise State standout, and a sixth-round pick in the 2002 draft, Putzier will provide the Texans a vertical dimension at tight end that the team has never possessed before. And with Kubiak calling the shots on offense, the tight end figures to become a viable element again in the Texans' passing game.

    Although he played rarely in his first two seasons in the league, Putzier blossomed in 2004 as a player who could run up the seam and split the safeties. In 2004, he had 36 catches for 572 yards. The three tight ends on the Houston roster totaled just 22 catches for 232 yards that season. In 2005, Putzier posted 37 catches for 481 yards, while the Texans' contingent of tight ends had a collective 33 catches for 216 yards.

    Putzier's average of 14.4 yards per catch over the last two seasons ranks among the top five in the NFL over that stretch. The lone downside to Putzier is that he is only an adequate blocker and struggles to move defenders off the line of scrimmage.

    But one of Houston's offseason priorities was to provide beleaguered quarterback David Carr with more playmakers, and with some vertical options, and the acquisition of Putzier certainly addresses that goal. In 39 appearances, Putzier has 77 receptions for 1,087 yards and two touchdowns.

    Senior writer Len Pasquarelli covers the NFL for ESPN.com.

  3. Sent to the Fat Man in regards to the www.newyorkjets.com site and how it poorly updates fans.

    Here goes...

    I understand your frustrations when it comes to reading news on the site.

    Especially stories reported on by other outlets. It is the policy that we

    will only include news which is officially released by the public relations

    department of the New York Jets.


    Our PR department will hold a release until Coach Mangini and GM Mike

    Tannenbaum give the go ahead.

    That said, I hope that it will not stop you from visiting the Jets' home on

    the web, and we will be giving you many more reasons to visit in the coming


    Till then, enjoy the off-season and enjoy the draft!



    That's just Tan-Gini keeping things quiet until they want them released....But what takes so long for them to give the go ahead??? Give us the info.....

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