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  1. Looks like a lot of boxing in Philly right now, and I'm not talking about Rocky.
  2. Heard about Hernandez's injury... since Jets can't stop a TE with the great wall of china, may as well hope the opposing TE's have injuries.
  3. Giants receivers still dropping easy catches in the endzone.
  4. Pats are trailing 6-0 to Arizona at home.
  5. Isn't it funny with the media? Before Bills game: Bills will shock the Jets, Mario Williams will give Sanchez nightmares! Jets offense is the worst in NFL! 3 hours later... The Bills suck! Mark Sanchez got lucky because the Bills Defense sucks. If Sanchez torches the Steelers, what excuse will the media come up with?
  6. I couldn't stand seeing Wayne "Human Turnstile" Hunter for another second! Glad we shipped his ass to St. Louis.
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