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  1. I was utterly stunned and disgusted after today... But that post was great.
  2. GAGne is looking like Mel Rojas. Quite the contrary for Joba!!
  3. Gagne another blown save today.
  4. Jets cut Ed Blanton today... http://www.rotoworld.com/content/Home_NFL.aspx
  5. I didn't want to say JMac, but I am guilty as well, I also have JMac's jersey:bag. On the Revis part...Couldn't the Jets/Revis' agent some sort of mutually agree on a 6-year voidable option?
  6. Good article...But are you REALLY wearing a Curtis Conway jersey?
  7. I'm happy that Coleman has seemingly supplanted Kimo at RE...Good news.
  8. How do the Jets play a factor in this bro? Screw Vinny. Piece of crap outside of 98'.
  9. My Favorite: I know a lot of people dislike him for demanding the contract and the whole "Meshawn" attitude. But he played great under Parcells and was a complete WR, except the breakaway speed. But he made Pro-Bowls with the Jets and was money on 3rd down. To me he justified his #1 Overall selection when the Jets took him. The best though? Probably Maynard or Walker. But since I didn't see them it's hard for me to give an opinion. I don't remember seeing Walker/Toon since I was only 5-6 years old. But I did see Wayne Chrebet, and to me he is the Best in Jets history in m
  10. I had a much crazier/stoked feeling for the morning of the Divisional 2004 playoff game. In 98/99 I was only 11, so it wasn't all there yet, but the loss still hurt. But in 04' I couldn't wait for that game to kickoff, easily the most anticipated Jets game of my life so far.
  11. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports the Steelers have offered line coach Russ Grimm their head-coaching job, and he has accepted. This report is contrary to the ones on ESPN and SI.com that have the Rooneys deciding on Mike Tomlin. The Tribune-Review says Grimm's hiring will be announced at a Monday news conference. Grimm had been the frontrunner for the job before the reports about Tomlin were released. Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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