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  1. First all, it is UM, University of Michigan. I give him a soft 5. Despite of apparently having speed, his range is very limited. Most force was coming from DL. Harris' positives will benefit Jets' woeful 3-4 defense. Limited range wont be an issue for that scheme and his strength is run stopping which that means he is able to find a hole and plug himself in that hole at the line. Problem with Jets is Vilma because he cant handle any blocker so OL will take on stronger ILB like Barton or Harris. The solution is Vilma MUST FIND a play otherwise Barton and Harris will wear out quick. Who knows it will be Barton and Harris inside in long term. UMM..
  2. Which Thomas did you talk about? I would like to see Jets go after Nick Graham, CB. Kyle Bissinger, DE/OLB Melvin Bullitt, SS. Bo Greer, OG. Matt Moore, QB. And few more players.
  3. Good trade by Chiefs. Now Chiefs may land either Ginn or Revis with their first round pick. It provides some flexibility for them.
  4. time allotted per selection is THE KEY... Thats it. For fun. Chargers take S Eric Weddle, Utah. He is a risky move but with NFL coaching he will become a solid SS as he bulks up some weights. Jets take DE Tim Crowder, Texas. He is a run stuffing DE who can drop back into a coverage occassionally. I think he should be Jets' ILB because his frame and run stuffing will allow Vilma to roam around freely in long run. Bucanneers take DB Tanrad Jackson, Syracuse. Gruden loves him and his style of playing game. He can be a either S or CB for Kiffin.
  5. Very disappointed. I guess it is my bad karma that screws it up... SOB. I find it hard to believe after all of you mods refused to start proceeding the mock draft in 2 weeks earlier before it postponed to a next week and then it fell apart. Unbelievable!!!
  6. I believe that Saints are in need of CB. I think they should take best available CB for that pick.
  7. I encourage Faba or Smizzy to make a timetable for each day as we will have a time allocated selection. That way GM will be there to make a pick or pm to mod for next pick without any excuse. You know some GMS have waited too long and they may lose some interest in this game and none of us will sit in front of computer waiting for a turn to make a selection. I love to finish 7 round mock for first time ever.
  8. ww85, you made your strong case but you should make a comment in the discussion thread instead of this thread... Try to keep this thread clean so everyone will know where we stand... thank you. --------------------------------------------------------------------- The rest of 2nd round is due next. 2658New Orleans 2759N.Y. Jets 2860Miami (from New England) 2961Baltimore 3062San Diego 3163N.Y. Jets (from Chicago) 3264Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis)
  9. list teams that require extra attention so we can take another team if we wish to help this mock draft move faster...
  10. Yeah, he lacks of touch on ball but he had played WCO for college school in Arizona I believe. The combination of that and Shell's old fashioned offense makes a strong case that Walter needs to continue playing WCO. I think Walter spoke out against Shell and his lovely OC's offense because he lacked of mobility to dance around after 7 steps and wanted to have few steps than 7. Knapp, not Haskell, is the worst OC in the universe. He does not know how to ulitize players properly. Knapp was there when TO complained about lack of long bomb game from Garcia. Knapp was there when Vick was annually a joke of the year despite of having record for rushing yards by qb. Raiders have two great WRs on the roster and Kiffin brought Knapp in... Oh boy! Good Luck Raiders.
  11. Hobson and Barton did the exact way Thomas did so it is not special wow for me. Delay blitiz is preventable.
  12. Well, Andrew Walter is a pure WCO quarterback. However, Stanton can do WCO with some mobility. It does not matter because I think Raiders wont do any better with Knapp as OC.
  13. It is precise why we should have time allotted selections. There should be 15 or 30 minutes each selection throughout the period of 1500-2000 or later daily. Not that I complain but slow process is killing us.
  14. If Jets took Ross in real life then it would be a huge mistake because of a lack of man to man coverage experience not age or one year experience. No way for Jets to pay a first round money to cb that may excel in cover 2 or tampa 2. No way. I hopeTanny and Mangini review Ross deeply and seriously before making a determination whether or not that Ross can pick up MTM coverage in no time.
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