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  1. I still believe Terry does it because Tannenbaum is clueless about prospects and players. Terry knows football but not money business and Mike T knows money business but not football.
  2. Maybe he is on the vacation. After he left Jets, his name is nowhere to be mentioned in any media.
  3. Jets got two first round OLs last year to rebuild the line so they should not stop after that. Grubbs or Olsen should be a right choice as next first round OL.
  4. Since free agency is slowing down now, Is it possible for us to kick off this mock draft tomorrow instead of waiting for 2 more weeks?
  5. Quite impressive measurables.. If he responds to Mangini's workout very well then why not. As long as there is a locator monitoring device on him, we will be just fine... Sorry.
  6. Jets' WR corp unless Washington replaced Gaffney.
  7. Kerney is with Seahawks.. Anyway, Coleman has to impress first. His contract is not that bad. It can be cheaper if he does not perform that well. 8-12 sacks from him would be nice but it is meaningless if he cant stop the run. If Coleman performed well but the run defense still sucked then I expect to see Robertson and Vilma be gone before next season. It makes no sense to linger on those young vets since they are clearly not run stoppers. Shall we find out after this season.
  8. I dont think so... They were in process of polishing the deal.
  9. Hard to believe that Bowens was there for few days but left without a damn contract. What prompted it? money issue? Jets are really a moron to let him walk away without a contract.
  10. For the millionith time, Bowens is a freaking OLB in 3-4 scheme... The reason Bowens is listed as DE is 4-3 scheme was Dolphins' base defense and he never started. He has the exactly same job as former Pats' Banta-Cain. You people talked about Banta-Cain being OLB for Jets and you still talked about Bowens being DE.. Oh Lord!!!
  11. Stars next to list numbers need to be updated or modified. I think Panthers' DT Carstens, Seahawks' TE Stevens, either Dolphins' DL Traylor or Holliday, Redskins' TE Kozlowski, Raiders' WR Whitted, Cowboys' OG Guorde and 49ers' RB Norris are retained. Saints signed LB Simmons (Bengals). So far I know of. SE EDIT: quiet, I'm cutting this down for size reasons. Good job.
  12. 1st pick- TE Olsen. BPA 2nd pick- LB Abiamiri. BPA 3rd pick- DE Alama-Francis. Projection 4th pick- CB Bennett. Projection It should be done in real life.
  13. Giants have what 4 DEs... Giants were not different without Strahan so why not dump him elsewhere and let youngster(Tuck or Kiwi) steps in. However, trading someone to their own rivial team is very amusing. I dont understand why everyone loves Redskins.. Was it they dont support draftees?
  14. I always thought Dolphins played 4-3 scheme but not lately. Dolphins and Jets were similar but Jets' defense base was 3-4 and Dolphins was 4-3. Dolphins used Bowen as OLB for 3-4 scheme which that was why Bowens never registered as a starter in the statistic.
  15. David Bowens is a tweener for Dolphins in both schemes.. You get to love this guy.
  16. Mecheam is a good value for the 25th selection and it does not mean Jets have to take him. Kiper uses his own top 35 draftboard to make a mock draft and thats all. Smokescreen or Prediction? it does not matter. I dont mind having him but I like someone else for a latter round. If Mecheam is still available at the 25th then I hope Jets trade down.
  17. It is easy to get homestate qb Stanton with 2nd round pick but I am not sure about Thomas being RT. Is he strong enough to play RT? Or Lions could get Quinn in the first round and Free in the 2nd round which is making more sense. Oh hell, Lions are not our problem...
  18. Easy, it is Robertson. Big contacts and shown some improvements at NT. I like Mosley but he had been inactive for most of last year. Robertson, Mosley and Moore should do a trick at NT.
  19. I am pretty sure that Jets wont go after 330 lber for upgrading G so Dockey and Womack are omitted. Gray should be retired. Diehl and Dielman are too value to let go. Mahan may stay put with Bucs. I think about Cooper Carlisle but Jets have Teague, Kendall, Moore, Mangold and Smith as interior OL. It is safe to think Jets wont address G with FA.
  20. Only FA I interest in is Nate Clements.
  21. Jets are not going to burn the cap on young vet Guard because G is not that hard to find... Go with either draftee or udfa or sign Carlisle.
  22. I dont think Jets will draft a qb on day two this year... If Jets decide to dump Ramsey then I would expect Jets sign a seldom use vet like Sullivan. If necessary, Jets can sign possible UDFA Pinkney, Swooger or Gutierrez.
  23. 1st and 2nd A rounds are solid. 2nd B round is 50/50. 3rd round is good. he is not undersized anymore but speed after weight is conerned. 5th round is nada. Mangini wont go after small school unless high wonderlic is hard to ignore. 6th round is unnecessary. 3 qbs are set. 7th round is terrible. Doughty is a lazy bum. Spurrier did not even wish him a luck. Overall, A-/B+ for day one and an F for day two.
  24. Just out of curiosity, Chargers still have to interview at least a minor before the hire is made because this dismissal is very late. If so and they already have one then it has to be Cottrell.
  25. Good question on Grubbs' inability at T but I think Auburn dont feature veresatile OL.. He is about 6 3 315 which I dont want him play T for Jets. I obviously have problem with height issue. Only question is Will Jets draft an OG or VOL (versatile OL) on Day one? Jets have Teague who can play all positions. I was thinking about New Mexico OGs like Turner or Greer(preferably) and WVA's Sheffey for Day two or UDFA. I dont mean to compare okoye and blalock. I meant Mangini tends to go after "Smarts" players. I dont mind having Okoye but Jets cant fatten him up to be ready for 2008 season as NT. Jets cant afford waiting 3 or 5 years for Okoye unless Mangini decides to have 4-3 as base defense. As for Blalock, I am not crazy about him.
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