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  1. If a player is too expensive to be kept then he has to be cut(only for saving cap room). If a player's staying wont threat the salary cap, he stays and Jets need to add some talented players for depth. Last year problem was Jets filled in with low tier or talent to back up old and respectable veterans.
  2. Apparently, Mangini can t live without the last name that includes "heimer". I think it is a good hiring.... Now, I hope he can find a promising QB and RB in day 2. QB: Tarvais Jackson, Drew Olsen, Barrick Nealy or Kent Smith.. I think Schottenheimer likes Olsen because he is by far more polished qb than other aforementions... Only thing Olsen needs to improve is to be consistent. RB: I am having a hard time to notice rbs that are worth day 2 but if Norwood, Hall, Addai or De. Moore fall out of day 1, then there they are. Norwood and Addai may be solid picks in day 2 because either of them will be Jets' fastest one in the RB depth. My congratulations to all new coaching staffs and Good Luck...
  3. I know that Whitehurst will have a shoulder surgery after April's draft.. I dont know what is wrong with his shoulder? nerve pinch? weak rotator cuff? or what...
  4. I wish i know him better... oh well, it is at least new unfamiliar name... What about Steve McCoy? I think he has an impressive resume as quarterback/ assistant offensive coordinator for Panthers.
  5. I like Seattle because I saw Hasselbeck make attempt to win in final drive last two years ago. It is nice to see someone who struggled for many years before win the Super Bowl... I think Steelers will win because their chemistry is very flawless....
  6. Yeah, Mangini has a world toughest task to resolve.. I am kind of harsh on Mangini because he is inexperienced in NFL as high level coaching duty.. 11 years mean nothing to me because he got his DC title for first time last year.. There is no room for inexperienced coach to control the messy Jets in NY.... Take Edwards for example, I was surprised that he was hired and handled Jets ratherly well in first few years before he fell apart.... I have strong feeling that Pennington is the reason why Edwards had and had not successes. Edwards bolted and left all problem behind in NY... Mangini is the New Englander and Belicheck may be retired within 3 years.. WIll Mangini bolt to Foxoboro to replace his menator and leave all new problems behind in NY like Parcells and Edwards did. I know it is not fair to judge Mangini right now but i am kind of itching with the knowledge of Parcells and Edwards' actions... Try my best not to obsess with Mangini's Do or Do Not action.
  7. I am never inside the Jets... I act like someone who watches on tv... I just hope someone in this forum has concrete information to share with us from inside.. What i am trying to do is to stop talking like I know everything except i dont know the fact.
  8. If i heard right, Saban was in Mobile when Capars got the job as DC and assistant HC for Dolphins. but fair enough.
  9. Forgive me for getting on your nerves.. Does it bother you that Mangini remains in NY working on staff changes.? It bothers me somewhat because i feel that it is important for Mangini to be there in Mobile to scout potential prospects... I mean why must Mangini worry about OC since Broncos are not going to skip Heimerdinger for same capicity in Denver, and Palmer and Sheppard are Mangini's butt-slapping buddies who may wait for Mangini's OC offer. I dont think Bradway and scouts are not on the same page as Mangini because they are not his. I would withdraw my concern if Mangini did send his OWN MEN to Mobile. I am not sure if the messy Jets and Mangini are in harmony. Mangini may need to find prospects who feel comfortable with Mangini's meaningful system to start the regin.
  10. Jets need everyone that is worth day 1 pick. I dont think DB will be primary... I think db will be addressed in day 2.. I hope for Blackmon, CB from Boston College and Slay, S from Texas Tech.
  11. I watched NFL network on tv... The list of "Interesting" qb by Mcyorle(sp)... Nealy is one of them. I saw him playing in the Hulu Bowl last saturday. I was not impressed with him despite his arm and legs. He always thinks run first... I was told that Nealy will switch to DB or WR.... Did I miss something?
  12. lol... i wonder about it myself too... With new HC and OC, young moss should not disrespect Jets..
  13. I like all of them. It would be a great value to Jets if Moss is still available after 3rd round. I may be tempting to take Winston if he is still available in 2nd round(35th overall selection).. But hell, all prospects are respectable..
  14. I have seen the C-Tides games 4 or 5 times on tv... I love Croyle's arm really. Despite low offense score, Croyle is able to run the "Montana" or "Brady" drive to settle the game winning score by either a touchdown or field goal. If I learn that Croyle can bulk up 20-30 lbs by next 2 years then I am sure as hell to get him in 2nd round.... Cutler(according to comments) and Gradkowski tried too hard by throwing too many deep balls.. Croyle rarely did that...
  15. Yes and it is not my intention to run this kind of offense for Jets but i merely suggest that Jets have a limit choice with Pennington in the backfield... If i were GM, I would make a trade to acquire either Garrard, Gray, Ragone, Simms, Pickett(last choice), Ramsey or Rivers. I think Garrard, Gray and Simms are ready to step in right away if Pennington falters or whatever happen to him. I could not afford to bear another losing season.
  16. AH... the draft order will sort in march. That means we wont have compensatory selection since the compensation wont be announced until last week before April's Draft weekend. I understand and wait..
  17. Since last few weeks ago, my peer and I have talked about whether or not Jets switch to 3-4 scheme.. You know "I know better than you" and "You know nothing" and blah crap in my peer... I am not sure if I am right or wrong. I need to understand more about 3-4 rather than I go with all information on the surface that never considers an iceberg. I checked NJO out as one in my peer suggested to learn who are suitable for 3-4.... One message claimed that Ellis and Robertson should play DE tandem with signing a big free agent DT such as Grady Jackson or Terry Adams... Other message suggested that Robertson should play NT.. I am not sure if those messages suggested Jets would have the mold of Patriots' 3-4.. I believe that front 3 require tall with long arms and rushing or penetrating skills and next 4 require at least 245 pounders with run stop and coverage skills.... Which that means I dont think Ellis, Robertson and Vilma are not suitable for 3-4 as well as barton and McChesney are suitable for the same scheme... Do i get my definiton of 3-4 scheme correctly? If no, please feel free to nun-slap on my hands with a ruler. Thank you.
  18. I did not know that a rookie hazing exists in this forum.... I guess i may need a volunteer for the urine sample. When will it begin? Does it includes all compensatory selections?
  19. I think it does not matter who Mangini hires as OC because Jets are stuck with Pennington who did state about his uncomfortable feeling with Heimerdinger's system which was apparently more aggressive than Hackett's last year.... Conservative playplan or run first strategy will work out well with Pennington at the helm for 2006.
  20. I heard that Colledge and Winston are having good workouts in front of scouts... I hope that it is true because I would like to see either of them will bump Ferguson as Jets' first selection... Although I like Ferguson's footwork and long arms I am not comfortable with his size. If Colledge or Winston is not far behind Ferguson then why not to take a good size OT instead of Ferguson... Jets OL needs to get bigger this year for Pennington and Martin's sake. Just throw in my thoughts.
  21. I am new to this forum. I am aware of a number of posts to be qualified for participating a mock draft in other forums but i dont see anything similar in this jetnation forum.. I would like to participate this mock draft. If it is all right then I would like to take Panthers.. If not, then could you please give me a best url for monitoring small school prospects... I already know nfldraftcountdown site but it does not include all small school prospects. thank you and good night.
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